Healthy Snack Success

February 04, 2020

2.3.2020 The Healthy Food Program Snack Cart

Each week at Crossroads, as part of our HEALTHY FOOD PROGRAM, classrooms take turns delivering healthy food options to other classrooms. The children enjoy pushing the cart and offering their peers a chance to try something new.

Teachers here have reported great success with this strategy. The foods ordered are things that, when surveyed, our students’ parents have noted their child needs help accepting. When these foods come in by way of a special SNACK CART and are offered by another child, students who experience food difficulties are showing increased acceptance.

Our Healthy Food Program is fully implemented by funds from grants. Currently, The Arnold Cogswell Health Fund of the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region is this programming area’s sole grantor. We’re very thankful for this support which is making a major difference in the lives of the children and families of Crossroads.

9.27.2019 Did you know?

Our partnership with Capital Roots!
Each week, our classroom teams plan for next week’s Healthy Food Program (HFP) activities for the classrooms.
Weekly we purchase as many of the ingredients as are available with the Capital Roots Virtual Veggie Mobile Their prices are great, and so is the fresh produce. We also love to support our farmers – many are local.
 Partnering with Capital Roots gives us the opportunity to build job skills and life skills.

For instance, when the produce is delivered each week, it needs to be sorted and delivered.

The vegetables and fruits need to be washed and cut up for the Healthy Snack Cart.

The Snack Cart needs to be set up and pushed around to all of the classrooms, to deliver the ingredients each is using for their Healthy Food Program activities that week.

Each classroom take a turn to deliver, driving the cart from classroom to classroom. Students frequently try foods from the cart which they’ve rejected previously giving parents and teachers an entryway into trying that food again. The items on the cart are different each week so the kids are exposed to a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

We believe it’s important for our students to try new healthy foods. This is so they will increase their healthy eating repertoires and grow their strong, healthy bodies and minds.


Awareness is vigilant for any food allergies in the school and the program has had whopping success.

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