Healthy Food Program - How Getting Kids to Eat New Foods

December 21, 2017

     Did you ever make a waffle Christmas tree? Room 6 did recently!  

As part of their Healthy Food Group, they made their waffle mix together and added green food coloring to the bowl. The teachers used a waffle maker while the kids watched in awe, and when the cooking part was done, triangles were cut and the children got to place them to create trees!  Next came decorating their trees with m&m “ornaments” and a bit of maple syrup.       Since trying new foods is a goal, some children in the class needed some coaxing to try this, but everyone took a bite and several of the children finished their plates. How much fun was for the students and what a creative way to tie in the season!  

The Healthy Food Program is goal-oriented to bring about healthy eating patterns for all of our children here, and carry over to home when many parents try the recipes or ingredients that were made in the classroom at home. Most of our teachers agree that repeated attempts are necessary to get children who have food difficulties to tolerate and try new foods, so the more tries the better. This grant-funded program has been financed by The Schenectady Foundation this year, and is greatly appreciated!

Room 6 is one of the seven classrooms for preschool and nursery children. Crossroads Center for Children also has three school-aged classrooms and is getting ready to open a fourth. Students come from many districts and counties in the surrounding region. Many of our nursery and daycare students come right from the local vicinity.

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