Healthy Food Program!

May 17, 2017
When we talk about how integrated the Healthy Food Program is …..

and how the teachers weave so many different skills into their healthy food program activities and lessons, sometimes its hard to picture. Sometimes there are math and number concepts skills when counting out berries. Sometimes there are ELA and literacy skills when naming the letter that celery and cucumbers both starts with. Almost always there are language skills when asking for more or no more, when using the names for foods whether verbally, in PECS, or with an iPad. And always there are healthy eating skills, in learning to tolerate new foods, healthy foods, increasing not only awareness and acceptance, but also healthy eating habits to last the life long. When we think of making healthy foods fun, the sky is the limit! And in every classroom, the teaching teams are doing just that.

Yet, it is usually hard to get pictures to display this when hands are full and there’s so much going on in the classroom.  Here, Room 3 was able to capture a recent healthy food group where they incorporated early handwriting skills and food, by using tracing sheets as templates for their children to make flowers from the food! Such a great idea, and one that the kids loved.

Thanks to Room 3 for capturing a glimpse of what you do for us!

Thanks to the Schenectady Foundation and the Hawley Foundation for funding the 2016-17 Healthy Food Program.

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