Healthy Food Celebration!

July 13, 2017

 Eating healthy foods doesn’t come naturally for all of our students.

A very high number of our children experience great difficulties with eating, making this an important area to target for build skills and tolerances in order to better serve their growing bodies and minds.

That’s why we started a Healthy Food Program, and every classroom here works on developing increased options and skills with food on a weekly basis. This program has seen significant gains and is made possible through grants; the 2016 -17 school year’s funding came from The Schenectady Foundation and The Hawley Foundation.

Today we had our 2nd annual Healthy Food Celebration. Each class made their favorite food from the whole year, and our parents were invited in to enjoy it with them. We invited our friends from the granting foundations to see all the progress also. From smoothies to banana palm trees, to muffins and banana ice cream, the variety of foods being made was impressive to say the least!



We are so grateful to our foundation friends for helping us to target this problem that is significantly troubling to so many of our students and their families, and to make a difference in their lives! Thank you to all of our visitors for attending today and celebrating so many incredible gains, gains made many times through tiny steps, day after day, through practice and repetition and consistency.

Thank you to all of the Crossroads educators and therapists, too, for the exceptional dedication, patience, flexibility and effort that it takes to make these gains occur. Today’s celebration was a testament to teamwork and persistence.

7/14 update – thank you to Jessica from TSF for adding to our pictures!!

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