Healthy Food and Fathers' Day celebrations were a great combination!

June 25, 2018

Thanks to everyone for their special contribution to last Friday’s fun afternoon! We had healthy food galore and great fun activities for the kids to show off the superpowers of their dads.

You’re invited! Fathers’ Day and Healthy Food End-of-Year Celebration

The classrooms each made a favorite recipe from their 2017-2018 Healthy Food Program, and the turnout of parents was great! They were greeted by our special greeting team and given a handout listing all of the classrooms and what each was making.

Parents went to their child’s classroom, where they were able to sample the food item made by the classroom, and learn about the progress their classroom has made this year with expanding the children’s repertoires of new and healthy foods.

This year’s recipe poster turned out famously, and the delicious recipes are now uploaded here! We encourage our parents to try them at home, and please let your teacher know how it goes!!!

img-180625143400   Recipe book cover.

img-180625143412   Room 1’s Granola Bars

img-180625143423   Room 3’s Chicken Nuggets

img-180625143503   Room 4’s Fruit Cracker Pizza

img-180625143514   Room 5’s Peanut Butter Butterflies

img-180625143527   Room 6’s Sunshine Fruit

img-180625143611   Room 7’s Waffle and Banana Ice Cream

img-180625143622   Room 8’s Pasta Salad

img-180625143702   Room 11’s Yogurt Sundaes

img-180625143713   Room 12’s Fruit and Vegetable Kabobs

img-180625143723   Room 13’s Guacamole

Following this Healthy Food Program celebration, a wonderful celebration of Fathers’ Day began, this one in the cafeteria.

Dads were saluted superhero style! Super-strength refreshments were gobbled up and papas could take proud pictures with their progeny — and friends of – with superhero props.

It was wonderful to see so many parents and to have such a fun time together.

Many thanks to the teachers and teaching assistants for their inspired planning and pulling together of the Healthy Food Program, not just this day, but all year!

Many thanks to The Schenectady Foundation for making the time to visit and see the impact that they make with this program for our children and families, as well as their support of the Healthy Food Program.

Kudos and thanks to Room 3 for coordinating the Fathers’ Day activities! Kapow! What a super job!

   Did you get some cute pictures of or with your child at this event?

We’d love to add them here! Please email them to

Please remember that due to our confidentiality policies we ask that all of our visitors refrain from photographing anyone’s child but their own on our premises. In some cases, parents have given advance written permission for visitors to photograph their child, but in other instances we will only be able to share pictures of your own child.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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