Happy Anniversary to Crossroads Center for Children!

January 04, 2019

Twenty years ago, there were five young children who had diagnoses of autism and whose own schools did not have appropriate programs for them to go into as the time for Kindergarten approached.  Each youngster was receiving Applied Behavior Analysis services and making steady progress. The thought of losing the gains made, and the issue of not having a program to be included in, motivated the children’s parents and the teachers who were working with the children to get creative and come up with a solution. They sought approval from NYS Department of Education to found a program for the students in need, and Crossroads Center for Children was born.

Crossroads was founded in 1998, in Glenville, NY. Many know that there have been challenges and changes which the organization has faced and become even stronger because of. Today the school is located in Schenectady, with almost 100 students at the time of this writing. By the end of the school year, there could easily be 120 children being served. Children aged 2 to 12 years come to school each day and learn within eleven classrooms, four of which are school-aged rooms and the other seven of which are preschool rooms integrated with children with and without special learning needs. Additionally, children are seen through Crossroads Center’s Clinic, helping children access the parts of their own homes and communities that are most difficult.

Crossroads is proud of its TWENTY YEARS of service to the community, a community which extends all over the region, and is deeply thankful for the opportunity to help our special population. Thanks to the many wonderful people who have contributed over the years to the ongoing success of the organization and the excellent outcomes that our students achieve!


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