Happenings! Healthy Food Program.

February 27, 2017

Our Healthy Food and Nutrition Development Program has a new way of reaching our students!

About a month ago we started a weekly Healthy Snack Cart, and it’s been going really well!

On Wednesdays, what we’ve ordered from Capital Roots Veggie Mobile comes in. Some of our students sorting out the fresh veggies and fruits, and delivering to each teacher’s classroom what she’s ordered for that week’s Healthy Food Program.

This young man takes great pride in doing this job, and then on Thursdays, also washing the items and setting up the Healthy Snack Cart.

The Snack Cart goes out from room to room offering the students an opportunity to make choices. There are usually 2 or 3 healthy items to choose from. The classrooms rotate, so that each classroom can have a turn to be the deliverer.

There are many benefits to this program. One is that it enhances the in-classroom program by offering additional healthy foods. Another is that for many students the options on the cart are more attractive because of the novelty of the cart, than they are when offered by the teachers or their parents. Yet another is that this gives our students yet another arena in which to practice their communication skills, such as manding for the items they want, and scripting to offer items to each other. There are also the job skills such as setting up the cart, pushing the cart, and organizing it.

We think it’s just awesome. We couldn’t do it without the help of the two foundations who have supported this program with grants – The Schenectady Foundation and The Hawley Foundation. Thank you to both of these amazing organizations for their help!


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