April 04, 2017
Autism Awareness Month is here!







Yesterday and today we participated in a Light it Up Blue art project for the hair salon of Ms. Sarah, the teacher in Room 5.

The children made blue paint hand prints on light purple paper, then glued little colorful hearts above or around or on their hand, wherever they wanted!

The products will be brought to Patsy’s Pinups Hair Salon in downtown Albany, to be auctioned off at their upcoming Autism Awareness event.









They will be donating a basket to our Gala auction, and will also be making $ donations to organizations that help people on the spectrum.

As our supporters know, we serve lots of students on the spectrum and with other special needs, and also lots of students with general educational needs. All of the art pieces were unique and different and beautiful, just like our students.

We’re very thankful for the kind help of Patsy’s, and the opportunity to use our creativity help support an Autism Awareness event! Very exciting!

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