Happenings! Reading Buddies with Tugg.

April 06, 2017

THANK YOU MATT and TUGG! We’ll miss you!

5/22/17 – We said farewell to Matt and Tugg on Friday. Matt is graduating from Union in a couple of weeks and moving to Boston for his new job! We wish him the very best, and thank him so much for making the time to bring Tugg to visit each week these past months.

  This young man has was once quite frightened during visits; each week he has been able to get closer to Tugg with less prompting to do so. Recently he has been successful in “petting” Tugg by putting his hand on a staff members’ wrist or forearm as the staff would pet Tugg. This time he actually touched Tugg without someone else’s hand in between! Hooray!!!

The children have enjoyed these visits immensely, and there have been so many gains in how they relate to Tugg, to Matt, and to each-other. Some kids have read to him, others have told him stories, others have petted him or increased their ability to be gentle and calm around him. On Friday, many told him their favorite colors, their favorite animals or their favorite toys. Kudos to Room 6 for taking turns to tell him a silly story! Hats off to Room 5 for making him a  very special thank you card.

Tugg belongs to Rick Sleeper of Galway’s Cock n’ Bull Restaurant; Rick is a huge supporter of Crossroads so it is likely that we’ll see Tugg again from time to time. However, it won’t be on a weekly basis. We will definitely miss the visits! Moreover we are grateful for them!

Thank you for your time and patience with us all, Tugg and Matt!

 A school and their (visiting, volunteering) dog!


Do you have a dog at home? What kind of dog? What is your dog’s name?

Questions you’ll hear asked and answered when in the area with Matt and Tugg during their Reading Buddies visits.

While the older kids do more reading to Tugg, the younger ones are still getting used to petting him, and laughing a lot! There are several who started out a little bit nervous and are appear very comfortable and relaxed.

The classrooms take turns. Upstairs in the school age classrooms, the students come to the “computer lab” or the end of the hallway, individually or in pairs, and read to Tugg, or show him pictures.

Then Matt brings Tugg downstairs to the Library, and the classrooms come in in small groups to visit. Some pick out books, and most simply watch, pet, and enjoy this furry friend and his gentle ways.

Today, one of the little boys in Room 5 exclaimed, “Tuggy’s huggy!” and greeted Tugg with a big hug!

Today’s pictures will be coming soon; waiting for parental permission. Today Tugg met Room 4 for the first official time. He really liked them, and there was a lot of sniffing going on!!

Here are some pictures from last time! Do you notice the comfort level increasing?


Were you waiting to see these?

Some permissions came back this week. Guaranteed to make your day!

Sure to bring you a smile, here are some moments captured from our last visit (2/17) with Tugg.

Talk about a patient pup!

Tugg so enjoys his visits and all of this kid-loving attention. And the books! He loves the books shared by the children!!


Reading Buddies with TUGG!

Sadly, our blog about Matt and Tugg was “hacked” along with another blog post, by an ad for a “medication.”

So, here will be a new post. Starting over!

Here are some of the preschool children who visited with Tugg and Matt last Friday for the first time! So sweet!


Here’s what you call a “TUGG-HUG”!

Some like to watch from a little more of a distance! That’s ok!

And Tugg still has his friends upstairs who love him a lot! These smart guys are now reading a whole book to Tugg. He loves listening to them!


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