December 27, 2016
Santa’s Visit – Room 3 pictures added 1/17/17

Sometimes it takes awhile to get permissions back from parents for our posts, but it’s never too late to see these adorable kids!

You’ll see the kids putting together a snowman to work on their goals with identifying and labeling, body parts and clothing, shapes, counting, colors, and fine motor manipulation skills.

Thanks, Room 3, for capturing these precious moments for our viewers.

Santa’s Visit 2016 – new pictures from Room 5 added 1/5/17

Santa’s Visit 2016
In the middle of his busiest season, guess who took time out to visit Crossroads? Making kids – and adults – smile and chuckle, Santa Clause went around to each classroom here, distributing gifts to all of the students. Santa has been coming to visit Crossroads every year, and we’re so happy to have him. Thank you Santa!



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