Happenings! SACC.TV Crossroads series

December 15, 2016

Crossroads Center for Children is up at http://sacc.tv/all-shows.

The airing of each show will be about a week to 10 days following the taping. As soon as the link is up, and as soon as we know when our first show will be aired, we’ll share it here. Or you can view episodes right here below!

SHOW 4 – SACC.TV “Crossroads Center for Children”

Integrated Preschool Program

Getting Ready for the Gala


Show 4 was recorded on 3/23, and was organized into 2 halves. In the first half, we discussed the benefits of integrated classrooms, both for our students with special developmental needs, as well as for those without. Thanks to Melissa Cleinman, Director of Education, Shavonne Sanders, Health Office Coordinator, and Kristen Lawler, all of whom had children in our integrated preschool program in the past. The second half was a chance to talk about our Gala, which is coming up on 4/29, and we were able to hear from Rachel Frederick, Teaching Assistant and Gala Committeeperson, and D.J. Zac Barr, our dedicated Gala D.J. Thanks too, to Kelly Young, Executive Director, for providing insight for both topics and to Vicki Ramotar, Resource Development, for moderating.

We remain thankful to Randall and Randy Hogue of SACC.TV for all they do to bring our message to a needing community.

SHOW 3 – SACC.TV  “Crossroads Center for Children – A Look Inside” – Making a difference for life.

Show 3 was recorded on December 14th.  Many thanks to our Show 3 Sponsor – PVA – Precision Valve & Automation, Inc.  PVA.net Thank you, Tony Hynes! Thank you also to Matt McDonald for all of the help with the details.

The discussion was about the variety of needs we serve here at Crossroads, and the panel shared some “nuts & bolts” of how our program runs. Enormous thanks to the Show 3 panel: Kelly Young, Carolyn Zimmer, Jenn Sandshaw, Alicia West, and Vicki Ramotar.

Randall Hogue and his son Randy at SACC.TV http://www.sacc.tv have made this experience AWESOME, and we’re so thankful for their help and encouragement with it all.

Crossroads Center for Children: The Importance of Giving
SHOW 2 – SACC.TV  “Crossroads Center for Children – Getting Ready for Giving Tuesday” – Making a difference for life.

Our 2nd episode, Show 2, was taped on Monday, 11/14. It went great! A huge thank you to the Show 2 panel: Kelly Young, Wendy Loukes, Carolyn Sniezyk, Mary Oill, Christa Grant, and Vicki Ramotar. The discussion involved how our school is funded, why fund development is so important for our school as a non-profit, the intensity of services offered at Crossroads, and how the community can help us make a difference for life.

We owe a world of thanks to the Galesi Group www.galesi.com for being our show sponsor for this episode. Our deep gratitude goes to David Buicko, the CEO and President of the Galesi group, Dave Ahl and his amazing team who are there for us at every turn. Thank you also to Marcie Piazza and K. Corbett for helping with so many details.

It’s been a fantastic experience to work with Randall Hogue and his son Randy at SACC.TV http://www.sacc.tv. They have made this whole show-making journey a lot of fun and learning, and we have been so grateful for their encouragement and coaching with making this project a reality.

SHOW 1 – “Crossroads Center for Children – Meet Crossroads”      Making a difference for life.   Crossroads Center for Children Introduction  
https://youtu.be/-oTnAIk-LKk Crossroads Center for Children   Introduction

In preparation for Giving Tuesday & NY Gives Day, http://crossroadcenter.org/giving-tuesday-16-2/ yesterday we had our first recording for our first “episode” of a show with SACC.TV! This is a wonderful opportunity to spread our message and increase visibility of who we are and what we do! SACC.TV is helping us to produce a series of 5 (hopefully) “episodes” altogether.

A huge thank you to the following panel members for their courage and passion at yesterday’s taping:

Cindy Barkowski, Wendy Whitman, Kelly Young, Melissa Cleinman, Steve Oill, Jean Churchill, Kathleen Galvin-Davis, and Vicki Ramotar.

Marshall & Sterling, Scotia, https://www.marshallsterling.com/ was amazing to sponsor us and we are incredibly thankful! Matt Norton and Rob Cassella was so quick to say yes when we asked them to sponsor our very first episode! We would not be able to undertake this project without them.

Randall Hogue and his son Randy at SACC.TV http://www.sacc.tv are super wonderful to work with, and their guidance and encouragement with putting it all together was fantastic.

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