Halloween Parades at Crossroads.

October 31, 2019

10.31.19  Halloween Festivities and Family Fun

In addition to the parades today, children participated in Centers in the Gym, and practiced their trick-or-treating skills around the building’s offices. Many parents came to enjoy the parades with us, and to help with classroom parties.

Learning customs and practices of special days can be tricky and overwhelming for young children such as ours. Halloween, by its very nature is already a day of scariness. Since it is filled with costumes, noises and unfamiliar expectations, children with special needs can be especially at risk for feeling uncomfortable with everything going on.

This is why we help our children practice the day. From fun learning activities to integrate the season and day with academics such as counting and literacy, to knocking on a door, saying “trick or treat,” “please,” and “thank you,” our students find out experientially what Halloween is all about. Over the years, so many parents have expressed thanks for being able to enjoy this day with their child who has become familiar with the skills of the day here at school.

Thanks to everyone who got into the fun of the day, to all of the parents who attended, to all of the team members who worked so hard on the important skills with the children, and most especially to Ms. Shannon and Ms. Susanna for all of their amazing organization and creativity.

Some pictures!  Feel free to send yours to Vickir@crossroadcenter.org if you’d like them to be added!




10.25.19 Come see the parades!

Parents and guardians, please come see our Halloween parades on Thursday, 10/31/19!
This year we are having two parades, one for preschool and one for school age.
The preschool program’s parade will begin promptly at 12:30, right out in front of the school.  The school age program’s parade will begin at 1:00.
Please send your child’s costume in with him/her that morning. Make sure it is labeled with your child’s name.
Students will be getting into their costumes here, working on dressing skills.


Thank you, Christopher Dailey Foundation!Red Hat Society of Scotia has a sweet spot for Crossroads