Graphing Galore in Room 5

October 06, 2017

Room 5’s Favorite Colors!

If you know that your favorite color is blue, it follows that you’ve learned first what the colors are named. At least for blue.

Maybe your favorite color is red? Or green?







Whatever your preference, learning to distinguish between the different colors can take a lot of time and effort to learn!

There are so many aspects of COLORS for children to learn. Room 5 has been working on sorting objects by color, pointing to the item that is a requested color, finding objects that are a certain color, counting how many of a certain color, …, and so on.

Graphing is a wonderful way for children to collect information and present it visually. They can learn how they  – and others – see the world around them. It’s quite exciting that the students in Room 5 can choose their favorite color, a skill that’s more abstract! 

We’re so proud of you Room 5!

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