Grant News!

February 22, 2017

Are you a RITE AID KID CENTS supporter yet?

We are absolutely THRILLED to announce that we’ve received a Kid Cents grant from the Rite Aid Foundation, to help Crossroads Center for Children! Since this is right on the heels of the Spread Hope Not the Flu grant that we received in December, we are absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you if YOU are someone who is helping Crossroads in this way!!

Please continue to support this excellent foundation, that is helping Crossroads and so many other non-profits who are impacting our communities, by choosing to round up your change, and selecting a charity to round up your change to.

If you haven’t enrolled yet, please do so – it’s super easy and is making a big impact here!

> Enroll at

> Non wellness+ with Plenti members will need to sign up for a free wellness+ with Plenti, and then choose to opt-in to KidCents.

> Choose Crossroads as your designated selected charity.

Read more about Rite Aid’s Kid Cents program and how you can help make a difference:

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