Graduation and Achievements 2019

August 16, 2019



8.16.19    Our 2019 Graduation and Achievements Celebration for SCHOOL-AGE was today and it was great! 

Thank you to all who came today to see our amazing school-aged students! The turn-out for today’s Graduation & Achievements Celebration was wonderful as was the program put on by rooms 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Thank you so much to Ms. Melanie for running the music for today’s songs.  To all students and staff members who worked so very hard all summer long, AWESOME JOB!  The classrooms all sang together the Crossroads School Song, and the Goodbye Song. In between singing, each student was recognized individually and had a turn to come up and receive a diploma or a certificate of achievement from Mrs. Kelly. The students all took a bow, too, something that takes a bit of practice and is really sweet to see in action.

Here are some pictures from today’s event.

Many thanks, also, to the Stewart’s Foundation Holiday Match Program for being here today and including pictures and recordings from our school in your Holiday Match campaign plans for this year!


8.15.19    Our 2019 Graduation and Achievements Celebration for PRESCHOOL was today, and what a wonderful time it was!

To everyone in attendance, thanks for the wonderful show of support for Crossroads. Thank you so much to Ritchie Fisher for running the music for the classrooms’ songs.  To all students and staff members who worked so very hard all summer long, AWESOME JOB! A special thank you to Susanna and Shannon for coordinating a thousand details that an event such as this entails, and also for setting up everything involved in yesterday’s FUN DAY.

Tomorrow, same time and place for our SCHOOL-AGE students!


Our 2019 Graduation and Achievements Celebration plans are in the works! Students, teachers and therapists are working hard to make a beautiful day for all.

     Pre-school classrooms will celebrate on Thursday, August 15th

     School-age rooms will celebrate on Friday the 16th. Both celebrations will begin at 12:30 and are planned for outside in front of the school. 

Family members, please mark your calendars because we don’t want you to miss this! Seating is very limited, so bring your own chair and be sure to have a place to sit. Please rsvp to your child’s teacher so they know who to expect.

Thanks to Mrs. Susanna and the Room 8 team for planning this year’s special day.

Preschool: 8/15 – 12:30

School-age: 8/16 – 12:30

Get our school calendar!

August, 2018……

WOW! It’s hard to believe that the summer program has finished!

The time sure has flown! Many of our students have now become “graduates” and will soon move on to their next schools. Other people will take them by the hand, teach them, guide and nurture them, and we’ll miss each and every one. Other students will return for another year, some in new classrooms. And other students will start their educational time at Crossroads, a process which will continue all throughout the school year.

Time goes quickly, children grow up so fast. Everyone knows that they are going to grow up, but sometimes we don’t really think about the fact that they will someday be tweens, and then teens, and in the wink of an eye, adults. It’s so very important that our kids learn the skills that are essential for success in life, that they can grow to be independent and happy and productive to their greatest capability as individuals.

That’s why this school exists. Every second that our students are with us is devoted to building skills and preparing for success in their lives. Like mama birds, we’ll be proud to see them fly in a world where for many, the odds were against them.

This year’s “GRADUATION and ACHIEVEMENTS CELEBRATION” took place over 2 days, one for each group, Preschool and School-age. Please enjoy the pictures below from this year’s celebration. They range from preparations, waiting time before-hand, during and after both days. A zillion thanks to all of the teachers, teaching assistants, therapists and volunteers who worked extremely hard to make this all happen again this year. Daily practice and tons of communication are the key ingredients to the success of this event! Also, we are indebted forever to DJ Zac Barr for providing the music for this event. He is amazing and we recommend him highly.  And, as always, the parents and families of the children, who entrust their children and themselves to Crossroads for education and care, deserve our gratitude and respect in abundance.



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