Golf Tournament Success and Thanks to All!

October 18, 2019

10/18/19 Updated with photos from Arielle Pitcher – thank you, Arielle, for your help capturing so many moments that made up an awesome day!















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What a wonderful day it was yesterday! 9.10.19

First, a bazillion thanks to Michele and Mike Downing for chairing this event this year.  We appreciate their time, enthusiasm and hard work so much.

Another huge shout-out to the many volunteers who turned out early in the morning to help! Volunteers, your help to sell tickets, check golfers in, set up the raffles and check in table, put up banners, direct people to the right locations, run the putting contest, drive the beverage cart, check raffle winners tickets and everything else that came up, was fantastic! These actions that are needed to make a successful event could not have happened without your generous help!

We are eternally grateful to all of our wonderful sponsors. So many of you have been with us for a long time now, others have recently joined our cause – you are the foundation of the events we have and are all very special to us!!!

There were 45 items in our raffles this year! That means that we received awesome help from business and individual donors! We thank you so much for the fantastic items we received and which brought in critical dollars for our mission!

And golfers, thank you for golfing! Your energy and zest for the game, coming together to support our students, your enjoyment of a nice day doing something you love – all of that combined is so positive! We hope you will come back next year, and bring even more friends! Sign up here for our e-newsletter so you can stay in touch all year! 

The Edison Club is an excellent venue and the team there is phenomenal. A very special thanks to Paula and Brad for their precision and detailed work. It means so much to have such great people making sure everything goes as desired. Thank you for everything.

So, to everyone, from the bottom of the hearts of everyone at Crossroads, thank you!

We cannot thank you enough for all you do for the school, not just for this event but throughout the year!


Congratulations to Bill Charles! 

Once again, we sincerely thank each and every person who helped bring this event to a success.

 As a fundraiser, this event is immensely important to our ability to carry out the mission of helping children to gain the skills that are essential in life. Your support is greatly appreciated.     

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