Giving Tuesday 2018 - Thanks for Giving!

November 30, 2018

We had a wonderful and busy day today!

Thank you to everyone who came to give our students the gifts of pets, dance and art!

First, Tugg and Rick started off our morning by giving their time for the children to enjoy puppy petting.

There was lots of laughter and Tugg soaked up all the puppy love!

Rick is the owner of The Cock ‘n Bull Restaurant in Galway, and a very wonderful supporter of our school year-round and since way back. He has helped with everything from whiteboard hanging to event sponsorship and anything you can think of in between. Tugg, a yellow Labrador Retriever with a soft heart for kids, has also been a longtime friend, and used to come weekly for Reading With Tugg.


Next, Florin came and taught us several dances, such as the Cha Cha and the Waltz!

He was fantastic with the kids – everyone were very engaged. It seems that we have some natural talent here at Crossroads! They did great!

Florin’s studio is Dance Fire Studio & Fitness, in Niskayuna.  He is the guy who made our information table possible a few months back at the Ballroom Dance Week. We will be sending home information that he left with us about children’s dance classes. If this is something that you are interested in for your child, but can’t afford it, please call Florin at the number on the flyer as there are scholarships available.

One part of being a dancer is “head high, chin up.” we learned.

Next, we were visited by Albert Einswine and Tammy Swinette!

 These piggies were so sweet!

The students found out that grown pigs aren’t pink or soft as shown in cartoons and books, but have bristly, dark hair.

Terry Hutchinson owns Albert, Tammy and another pig named Bacon Bits! She laughs as she says, “I live with the three little pigs!”

Each pig has its own Facebook page, so look them up! Also, we were invited to attend Tammy’s birthday bash in August, ’19! We will get the word out when more information is available in case any of our families or staff would like to attend.

Notice Tammy’s painted toenails!

Our afternoon activity was also lots of fun! Teaching teams brought their students in and assisted with the project greatly. Rene Borst, Tammy Lindgaard and Kim Narcavage were our volunteers, joined by Kathy Desbiens, Cindy Francis, Kathy Kaiser and Vicki Ramotar from the school to assist children with a sensory footprint art activity. The children’s feet were painted with a washable paint and shaving cream mixture. They walked all over the paper laid out on the floor. We have our new batch of grant thank you cards! What a great job by everyone!

Many thanks, too, to Phyllis and Dick Sleeper and Cindy Barkowski, all who came to help with collecting donations and giving extra hands.  Also, thanks to the parents who came to enjoy these awesome activities with their child – it means so much that you were here and we hope you enjoyed it.

On the donation side of the day, the wonderful show of support from our community is overwhelming! Between our Facebook fundraisers, GiveGab champions, and some checks, as well as all of the social media likes, comments and shares, we are hopeful that we did well. It will be some time before we know a total of dollars raised – Facebook donations sometimes take 3 months to come in, in check form – but we are completely and thoroughly grateful for everyone’s support and help to raise money for the school.


Fundraising Events and Activities

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