♥ Many thanks to our wonderful supporters 

Crossroads Center for Children’s 2022 DARE TO BE DIFFERENT Gala 

The support we receive from our amazingly generous community is going to make this year’s celebration a wonderful success for the school. 

Planning Committee: Cindy Barkowski, Amy Bartholomew, Joe Bartholomew, Kathleen Galvin-Davis, Amber Hensley, Melissa Ragone, Vicki Ramotar, Kelly  Young


A Building Of Our Own Match Challenge This happened! Click to read more!


Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh   ♥   Carol Schweizer  ♥  Sari & Michael Medick ♥  

♥    FAGE USA Dairy Industry, Inc.  ♥  Caleigh Bartholomew  ♥  In Memory of William J. Grattan ♥  Kim Siciliano  ♥   

♥  Debbi Traficante  ♥  Hon. John McDonald III, RPh. ♥  Crystal & John Hoey  ♥  Kathleen Galvin-Davis in memory of Edward M. Davis Sr. ♥  Alyson & Mike Bingham  ♥ 


Please visit their sites and thank them with your business. 


Pioneer Bank


            Wendy & Ira Whitman



        ♥ ♥  Baldwin Business Strategies, LLC    ♥ ♥       Alejandra Escudero   ♥       Carolyn Oill  ♥         

♥ ♥  Steve & Mary Oill  ♥  Morris Ford    ♥  John Bienkowski 


♥♥    5 Wits Albany  ♥   Martha Stewart CBD   ♥   Crossroads Center for Children  ♥  Advanced Auto (Glenville) ♥  Steve & Mary Oill  ♥  Elements Massage  ♥  Cindy & John Barkowski ♥ The Arkell Museum & Canajoharie Library ♥   Golden Arrow Resort  ♥  National Comedy Center, Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museam  ♥ Jennifer Claire’s Traveling Paint N Sip ♥  Smoke Signals Restaurant (Lake Placid) ♥ YIP Fitness ♥ Steven Jones  ♥ Vicki & Sid Ramotar  ♥  Crystal Hoey ♥  Schrader and Company ♥ Kenneth Goad  ♥ All Classrooms and Departments of Crossroads  ♥ Boscia’s ♥  Kathy Desbiens  ♥ Matt Kelly Racing  ♥  Six Flags Great Escape ♥ Phyllis & Richard Sleeper ♥  TD Bank (Niskayuna) ♥ Amy Ezekiel  ♥ Gatherer’s Granola ♥  Morgan Lawler & Piper Rizzo ♥ Annie Grzywaczewski  ♥  Samantha Bailey Photography ♥  Jake Heiner  ♥  All of  Crossroads Center for Children’s classrooms and departments with help from parents  ♥ 


♦   Dawn Curley  ♦   Audrey Capers   ♦  Richard & Joanne Billington  ♦  Santabarbara for Assembly


*  Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh  * PCI Distributors * Cindy Barkowski  *  Regular’s Liquor Cabinet  *  Kristine & John Kirkpatrick * PCI Tire & Service *


FLORIST: Every year, our honoree flowers come from the Country Florist, along with the beautiful centerpieces, which they donate each year. 

PROGRAM: Prior to printing, we had the help of Bob Barkowski again this year, with layout and graphic work. We are so grateful for this help. 

DJ: This year, for the thirteenth consecutive year, music and motivation will be magically delivered by DJ Zac Barr!  We can all be inspired by Zac’s huge heart and abundant generosity. Get ready to enjoy dancing and fun.

EMCEE: We are delighted that Heather Morrison from Spectrum News 9 will serve as Emcee throughout the evening’s presentation again this year! Get ready to understand just how very important your part in our mission is.

BAND: For the second year, we are excited to have the singing talent of Gem Behind the Mic , our favorite Disney Princess.  This time, she’s bringing her band, Hustle & Hum! Get ready to feel your heart swell.

LIVE AUCTIONEER: For the third year, LeGrande Serras will captivate your attention and inspire your generosity as he leads us in a thrilling live auction. Get ready to spend money on exciting items.

PHOTOGRAPHER: This will be Ashley Zannitto’s second year of capturing our moments on her camera. Get ready to strike a pose.  

YOU are invited! Please celebrate with us or support the event in other ways! 

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