Gala 2021 Gratitude!

November 01, 2021

11.1.21 Give us feedback!

Please tell us how we did on this year’s gala!

Gala 2021 Gratitude!

10.26.21 The second batch of pictures is here! Scroll down! The most recently added ones (later into the evening taken) will appear closer to the top.


10.25.21 We have the first batch of pictures! Thank you so much once again to Ashley Zannitto for her beautiful work and for volunteering her time and talents to us throughout the event. Please feel free to download your picture/s.

Be sure to check back later for more pics!

10.24.21 It is the morning after our Gala, and a huge thank you needs to be said!  The 75 people who attended made the night so much fun, and participated in raising a lot of money for our kiddos. Thank you to everyone for parting with some hard-earned dollars to bid on auction items! We hope you love your winnings, as much as we loved gathering all of these pieces for you. Thank you again to each and every sponsor, honorary member, donor, and advertiser for your kind support – so many being there for us for many years. And to DJ Zac, Emcee Heather Morrison, Singer Gem Caruso, Live Auctioneer LeGrande, photographer Ashley Zannitto, florist The Country Florist, and the staff at the Terrace for making the night special for us all. As well thank you to Barbara Pitcher and Claire Hinman for running the wine pull, to Stephen Bogdan for public relations help, to Matt Ramotar for setting up the payment page, to our OT Department, Janet D’Amario and Marjie Powell for putting together the ornament favors, and to the gala planners, Crystal Hoey, Phyllis McGill, Kathleen Davis, Cindy Barkowski, Kelly Young and Vicki Ramotar for coordinating the event. Additional thanks to the Waters Edge crew for their remarkable attention to detail and wonderful service, food, and caring.

We will soon have tons of pictures to share, thanks to Ashley, but in the meantime, let’s share the recording that we showed last night!

Were you there? If you post pictures to your social media, please use the hashtag #Crossroads21Gala! You are also welcome to share them to our Facebook page if you wish.  Thanks! 

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