Fun at work Friday! How to celebrate at work when work is a school

February 05, 2018

Last Friday was Fun at Work Friday. Did you know that? If you knew it, what did you do to celebrate this day? 

Here’s what we did at Crossroads Center for Children. Although to be honest, most of the employees offered their opinion that it’s always fun at work here!

But, because we like to have fun, in honor of Fun At Work Friday we decided to have fun with a little simplified scavenger hunt. Instead of looking for objects though, everyone looked for posted directions on the walls around the building.

In this way, the staffers and the students alike could have fun.

The classes, as they proceeded through the building through the day, would find a sign with a direction on it.Or else, employees could grab each-other and go through the directions. They did as many as many as their  group can do (individualized goals) before the end of the day.

When their goal was met, each group went to Kelly, our Executive Director for a reinforcer! This added an element of accomplishment for the kids.

Here are the signs that we made up and posted for the day:

  • 10 jumping jacks!
  • All together yell, “Go Team” and your room number!
  • Reach for the sky! (What do you see up there?)
  • Laugh out loud!
  • Hop 5 times on your right foot!
  • SING your name!
  • Sing the ABC song, and dance while you sing it!
  • Hop 5 times on your left foot!
  • Count to 10 while you high-5 a friend.
  • Count backwards from 10.
  • What’s your name?
  • Where do you live?
  • What class are you in?
  • Who is a friend?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • On the floor! 5 push ups!
  • Do the twist!
  • Shout out “CROSSROADS”!
  • Make your silliest face!
  • Patty cake with a partner!

If that was not enough fun, grown-ups were invited to come to the conference room for a coffee!

So next time you are wondering how to celebrate and have fun, look to Crossroads Center For Children!

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