Friendship Feast. Crossroads Celebrates Thanksgiving at School.

November 26, 2019

Have you ever thought about all of the social aspects of a holiday meal? We have!

Sitting together with other people, eating what everyone is eating, staying at the table for a longer length of time than usual, passing dishes, conversing… all of these activities can present significant challenges for children.  Let alone the different food choices that might be on the table.

That’s why every year at Crossroads we help prepare our students for successful Thanksgivings with their families. A Friendship Feast is held on the last day of school before the Thanksgiving break.

Parents helped to chip in for the pizza –thank you!

Classrooms contributed a plethora of delicious desserts – thank you, too!

Fruit salad was prepared by the classrooms as part of their weekly Healthy Food Program activities. Family-style plates of veggies and dip and juice boxes were also provided.

It might interest our readers to note that in the past, when the school was much smaller, we served the traditional Thanksgiving food options. Some staff members would cook turkeys, and classrooms would help with preparing vegetables, mashed potatoes and stuffing. At times food went to waste, though, and for children unhappy about the food choices, the day was sometimes stressful. Together, parents and teachers came up with the idea of pizza in combination with some of the customs and foods of the day, and this has been the school’s tradition since.

So today, the school came together to celebrate Thanksgiving with our annual Friendship Feast. Tables were set with the place-mats and centerpieces they’d made ahead of time. Preschool classes ate together in the gym, while school-age groups enjoyed their festivities upstairs.

Students were asked to share what they are most thankful for this Thanksgiving. Staff members wrote what the child said or chose from PECS icons, or children wrote their own ideas on leaves. The leaves were assembled to make a fantastic Thanksgiving wreathe.

If you have other pictures you’d like to include in this post, please email them to by 12/6 at the latest.

Thank you to Room 1’s Ms. Kathy, Ms. Laura and Ms. Amanda for their awesome job coordinating this wonderful event for the school!

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