Fire Safety Assembly

November 02, 2017

Teaching children about Fire Safety can save lives.

Since October is Fire Safety Month, the South Schenectady Fire Department was at Crossroads Center for Children recently to conduct a Fire Safety Assembly. Making children aware of Fire Safety brings them up to be knowledgeable and able to carry through with safety measures later in life.







With all of the classes in the gym, Chief Justin, dressed in his regular clothing, talked to the children about fire prevention. Some things that they shouldn’t do, such as play with matches, or that they must only do with their parents, like using the stove or oven.

He also talked about detection, and making sure fire alarms and smoke detectors are working well. He asked them if they practice fire drills at school (we do!) and said it’s equally important for families to practice in case of fires at home. In case of a fire, escape is essential. The kids were taught to not only Stop, Drop and Roll, but also Cover Your Face. He talked to them about having a predetermined outside meeting place in case of a fire at home, as we do at school, and several of the students said their family had one, such as a swing-set or a certain tree. He also taught to never go back into a fire. Even for a pet! Fire fighters are trained to rescue people and pets who are trapped in a fire. This was met with much applause. In case of getting trapped in a fire, they should allow the fire fighters to find and rescue them – never hide – even though the fire fighters will be dressed differently.

Then he dressed up one piece at a time in his heavy protective equipment so that they could see and become familiar with how a real fire fighter will look during a rescue. Next the kids were allowed to touch and see up close the equipment and gear, from the fire chief’s heavy boots to the helmet.

Following the indoor part of the presentation, the classes took turns between viewing educational fire safety DVDs borrowed from the Library, coloring fire safety coloring sheets, and going outside for a tour of the fire truck.

There they could go inside the fire truck, and out the other side where they were given a fire helmet of their own. then walking around the truck led to more experiential learning, such as touching the red reflectors, and looking into the mirrored side panels. Everyone was carefully supervised throughout as is the constant practice at Crossroads Center for Children.


The students enjoyed the whole presentation and more importantly, were able to experience and gain awareness in an important life-saving topic. Some were sad to see the firefighters leave with their truck and gained practice with goodbye. Some professed their intentions to be firefighters themselves some day, practicing their ability to set goals for their own lives and futures.

We’re entirely grateful to Justin and Jill for being with us and thank the South Schenectady Fire Department for their ongoing support, and for all they do to keep our community safe. Also we say thank you to fire fighters everywhere for their important work.

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