Everything you ever wanted to know about graphing, but were afraid to ask.

December 10, 2018

Training is an ongoing aspect of working in a school, especially a school such as Crossroads Center for Children, where interventions and approaches are highly specialized.

In addition to opportunities for off-site professional development, in-house training sessions are frequently offered to employees at Crossroads.

Recently, Breanna Maggart, a Behavior Analyst in our Clinic, presented a training designed to improve consistency with graphing techniques performed throughout the school.

 Breanna’s presentation included a power-point and lots of interaction with her audience. She discussed processes for collecting data for skills and behaviors, as well as correct practices for graphing of the data.  She used Kahoot.it  to test understanding and increase engagement, an application that allows group participation in quizzes which the presenter creates.

All areas of a student’s program are monitored through data, which is collected and graphed. Graphs are analyzed by the child’s team.  Changes can be made to the goal based upon the progress noted through analysis.

For instance, the graph will show that the student is making progress or not. Progress is essential, so if the child isn’t showing gains then the way he or she is being taught needs to be changed. If progress is good, then it’s important to keep moving forward. Perhaps a new set will be added, or a new environment to work on the goal might be introduced. Maybe a prompt will be faded, or a new word will be added to the direction.

Kudos and thanks to Breanna for a great job presenting, and to all of the staff at Crossroads who make such a dedicated effort to maintain consistency and reliability in the processes that help the students.


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