Everyone is Eating! Lunch time Success in a Preschool Classroom!

March 13, 2018

We all know that there are many different challenges food can present with kids. What is accepted, when it is accepted, where and by whom are all areas where kids can get restrictive with their food. And kids on the Autism Spectrum have much higher levels of restrictiveness when it comes to eating, research tells us. That’s why Crossroads Center for Children addresses healthy eating head on from an early age in all of the classrooms.

So it’s really great to get this sneak peak into Room 4 at their lunch time recently.

Everyone is eating!

The teacher, Ms. Lindsay and teaching assistants, Ms. Audra and Ms. Nichole are phenomenal at helping the students on an individual basis. Encouragement and positive reinforcement are key for trying new things. So is repetition and the belief in trying again!

Great job eating, Room 4! We are so proud of you!

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