Earth Week at Crossroads Center for Children

April 23, 2019

Crossroads Center for Children cares about the earth!

Since Earth Day is celebrated during spring recess, we celebrated last week here!

Throughout the week, our classrooms built activities of an Earth Week theme into their lesson plans, and participated in fun learning activities from planting, to outside cleanup. One of the favorite and most exciting activities of our Earth Week at Crossroads is a Recycling Sculpture Contest. Here you can see what each classroom created and what title they won as determined by several judges.

Room 1 – Best Celebration of Earth Week


Room 3 – Cutest


Room 4 – Best Teamwork


Room 8 – Most Creative


Room 11 – Funniest


Room 12 – Best Use of Recycled Items


Room 13 – Most Colorful


Room 14 – Most Detailed

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful creativity, teamwork and recycling efforts you implemented. Thanks to Mrs. Jennifer for planning the week!

Which is your favorite sculpture above? Why? Leave us a comment below!

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