Donations Make a Difference!

April 20, 2017



When they say “GE brings good things to life,” they mean it! This week we were the recipients of 2 incredible donations, both from the G.E. Volunteers aka “Elfuns”.

A while ago we applied for 2 laptops from the GE Elfun Computer Rehab Program; on Tuesday we brought back 2 rehabbed laptops equipped with internet access and Microsoft Office Suite, thanks to Mr. Terry Lustofin, Program Coordinator, and his crew. (Did not remember to get his picture!!)


Then yesterday we were visited by Mr. Paul Mitchell from the Toy Modification Program. They have been bringing us modified toys and equipment for a couple of years now. Their program adapts equipment and toys to make them more readily usable in settings with individuals with disabilities. By adapting switches, mice, buttons, and so on, a child at Crossroads will be more able to turn on a toy, grasp it, or maneuver it. We find this program so very helpful.

If you are interested in more information, please check them out: Visit the Computer Rehab Program on line at, and email for the Toy Modification Program.

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