• Each and every day, your help can make a difference in a child’s life.

    Every day the children of Crossroads Center for Children work hard with our teachers and therapists to learn the very skills that are most essential in life. Your donation will help to provide the services and programs that are individualized for each learner precisely for their needs.  

    Like other nonprofits and businesses, individuals and families, Crossroads has been hard-hit this year by many changes to our service delivery and expenses created by COVID-19. During the entire time, we did not waver in our promise to provide services to our students and families, and quickly made the jump to remote services, despite magnificent and unprecedented expenses.

    These expenses have only increased. We reopened on July 13th and are excited to share that our summer program went smoothly and wonderfully, thanks to the careful and thorough planning of our directors and teamwork of our entire team, and phenomenal support from our board and community. Our Fall Session will begin for students on September 9th, and we look forward to a great school year.

    Crossroads is blessed to have incredibly kind support to help us carry out our mission in normal times. The expenses that we are facing now and in the unforeseeable future are not normal, but we must take them on. You can help. Any amount will make a difference, and will be deeply appreciated.

    Thank you.  

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    Become a monthly donor by October 16th and receive a thank you gift!                           


    518.280.0083 ext. 100

    Crossroads Center for Children  

    1136 N. Westcott Road,  Suite 100 

    Schenectady, NY 12306


    Donate needed supplies. Here’s our CURRENT wish list!  

    In-kind donations can save the school money on materials. Look at the WISH LIST (above) to see what’s currently needed.

    Items should be in safe condition, but can be previously used. 

    We cannot take everything, but can sometimes take items that are not listed. We have very limited space, and many times we aren’t able to take the wonderful items that folks kindly wish to donate. Please call to find out if it’s something we might be able to accept. 518.280.0083 ext.126

    ◊  When donating, please schedule a time to drop off by calling 518.280.0083 ext.126 or emailing

    Thank you for your help.