• Each and every day, your help is needed. 

    Every day children at Crossroads Center for Children learn the skills they need to make progress and thrive in this world. Donations go to providing the very services and programs they need. This work is critical for our students and their families, not just now, but in the future. We are grateful for the wonderful donors who help us carry out this important mission.

  • Make a monetary donation now:  
    CLICK to donate:


    CALL to donate:

    518.280.0083 ext. 100 

    MAIL to donate: 

    Crossroads Center for Children  

    1136 N. Westcott Road,  Suite 100 

    Schenectady, NY 12306

  • Make an in-kind WISH LIST donation.

    In-kind donations can save the school money on materials.

    Items should be in safe condition, but can be previously used. 

    We cannot take everything, but can sometimes take items that are not listed.  PLEASE CALL FIRST. Thank you for your help.



           WISH LIST FAQs

        1. Look at the WISH LIST (above) to see what’s currently needed. 
        2. If it is on the list, please bring it to the front desk – there is a binder for you to write in.
        3. If you’d like to donate something that is not listed, please contact to find out if we can accept it at this time.
        4. We have very limited space, and many times we aren’t able to take wonderful items. 
        5. CONTACT us first to ensure that we are able to receive your donation when you arrive. 518.280.0083 ext.126
        6. We are not able to accept stuffed animals, thanks!