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    Thank you for your contribution! 

    Donor privacy policy:

    We respect our donors! We will promptly provide a written thank you and receipt for your donation. We will use the contact information that you give us to communicate with you for your current donation and let you know of future events and news at Crossroads. We will acknowledge you publicly with your permission. Your request to remain anonymous to the public will be honored.  Crossroads does not share nor sell donor lists nor donor information.  We like you! Why would we chase you away by treating you badly. 


  • Your donation will make a BIG difference in the life of a child!

    Why giving is important.
    As a nonprofit, Crossroads cannot function without your help. While we do receive funding from tuition payments, it’s not enough to run the program needed for the children we serve. Your help is absolutely necessary for our children to learn.

    Development efforts include fundraising events, grant requests, sponsorships, and donations from individuals, groups, and businesses, including matching grant programs.Your gift serves the children and families of Crossroads Center for Children. Our organization does not have a foundation, nor fund other organizations, so you can be assured that your donation will go to the extensive costs of running a school and clinic that provide highly specialized and individualized programming to our students. The services they receive prepare them for success in their lives. That is huge, and a difference that lasts forever for our students and families.

    Here are some ways you can help Crossroads Center for Children: 

    Monetary donations to Crossroads Center for Children are very much needed. Financial donors help sustain critical early intervention and educational programs for children, some as young as 2 years, who are challenged by autism and other developmental disabilities. Your generous support allows our highly trained teachers and therapists to provide the individualized attention each child needs to succeed in school, in their homes and community. Every cent is really felt here and helps to provide applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to a population with a huge need. Your help is needed and very much appreciated. 

    Matching programs are offered by many local businesses to provide support to non-profit organizations. Please check with your employer to see if they might match your donation.  COMPANIES who match their employees’ donations.   

    Legacies and bequests are a special way to honor a loved one and celebrate a life in the difficult face of a loss. Please let us know if you are designating donations to Crossroads in memory of your beloved.

    In Kind donations from our Wish List. 

    Your gift is tax deductible! Since Crossroads Center for Children is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization, donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

  • We are overwhelmed by the fantastic support of our community with our Wish List!
    People frequently ask how they can help us. 

    One way that you can help us is by thinking of us when you have items that you no longer need, but are still useful to a school.

    When you have items which you no longer need – due to cleaning out, downsizing, outgrowing, etc. – please consider donating to Crossroads Center for Children!  Items should be in safe condition, but can be previously used!  We cannot take everything, so please call first!  Our WISH LIST (updated weekly here) will let you know exactly what is currently needed. In-kind items such as these help us save money on materials used in the school and clinic. 


    ϖ  WISH LIST HOW TO  ϖ

    1. PRINT a copy of our WISH LIST (above) which is updated weekly. 
    2. CONTACT us first to ensure that we are able to receive your donation when you arrive. 518.280.0083 
    3. We are not able to accept stuffed animals, thanks!
    4. If you want to donate something that’s not on our Wish List, please contact to find out if we can use it or not. (We have very limited space, and many times we aren’t able to take wonderful items.)