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  • Each and every day, help from people who are kind and caring makes a difference for the children and families of Crossroads. 

    Every day the children of Crossroads Center for Children work harder than most to learn the very skills that are most essential in life. Breaking down goals into more manageable sets and steps, individualized for the abilities and interests of each child, staff here are intensely focused on student outcomes, knowing that there is no time to lose. Seeing our children grow to be successful within their families – many for the first time – and within their communities, takes involvement from “a village” of folks that know that successful children today means a better world for them and for the community tomorrow.

    Your donation will help to provide the services and programs that are individualized for each learner precisely for their needs.  

    Did You Know?
    You can support Crossroads through your IRA distribution.
    If you are 70½ years or greater, you are allowed to contribute up to $100,000 per year directly from your IRA to a nonprofit without being taxed on the withdrawal. 
    IRA charitable rollovers and qualified charitable distributions are a special way to support Crossroads and impact the lives of special children.
    Strength With Community

    We are proud to have kept moving forward smoothly and safely through highs and lows and many challenges. Thanks to careful and thorough planning and teamwork, and phenomenal support from our board and community, we are in our 25th year of providing services. Our organization is determined to give our students what they need to succeed. Simply put, doing so costs more now than ever, and your help in any amount will make a difference and will be deeply appreciated.

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