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  • DONATE NOW to our Annual Appeal

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    If you’d prefer to mail in a donation, please print, complete and mail this simple AC 2021 donate form

    to Crossroads Center for Children | Annual Appeal |1136 N.Westcott Rd. Suite 100 Schenectady, NY 12306.

  • Help kids like us learn and grow!

    The children and families of Crossroads need your support!   

    As the holiday season draws near, we’d like to express our deep gratitude for the wonderful generosity of our extraordinary and supportive community. Because of you, we are able to help children, from all over our region, learn the very skills they need – to learn, to connect with others, and to enjoy their lives. Our work cannot be sustained without such support, and we are fully appreciative of every bit of it.  

    Since 1998, Crossroads has been serving children and families from all over the region. Crossroads is the only school of its kind in our region. For 21+ years we’ve expanded in scope and size to meet the needs of an increased number of children who need our help. Our school operates in large part on the charitable giving of our generous community. Grants, fundraising activities and events, and donations help meet the gap between what we earn in tuition payments and the actual costs of running an organization such as this. 

    In the past year, with the help of people like you, Crossroads graduated 70 children into their home districts. Our clinic space was vastly reimagined and changed to accommodate an increase in children. Outdoor projects such as a walking path, a sound wall, and a butterfly garden were added. A communication board was created for our playground, and 20 new employees began jobs, including TAs, a Speech Therapist, an Occupational Therapist, and a Special Education Teacher. Former programs continued, including the Healthy Food Program, Curricular Extension, Technology Development, and Social Skills Development. Our current relationship with Special Olympics NY is stronger than ever, and the volunteer program is rebooting. We are in a very strong position, despite the intense challenges of covid, national staff shortages, and state mandates.

    Yes, we very much appreciate your help.

    Crossroads works with children with some of the most significant needs in our region. Without this organization, they would have absolutely nowhere to turn. The school districts and counties that we serve would be at a loss and parents and families would continue to unnecessarily struggle with desperate challenges. The bottom line is that children wouldn’t achieve skills that are essential in life. 

    You know what we’re doing here is special. It’s not something others are doing. It’s needed for the children that we serve, for their families, and for their communities, the schools they’ll later attend, the colleges they’ll someday go to, the jobs they’ll have down the road. That’s why we are asking you to make a gift today to help in this work. 


    The story of one.

    AC letter 2021

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