Do you work for GE? Gap Corporation? American Express? Avon? Does YOUR company match charitable donations?

July 26, 2018

If your employer sponsors a program for matching donations, your gift’s impact can be significantly increased!

Check out all these companies that will match your charitable donation!

That’s right! When you make your charitable, tax-deductible donation, be sure to register it with your company’s matching program. Some companies match dollar to dollar, some double or triple the gifts of their employees.

Crossroads Center for Children relies on donations to meet our budgetary needs each and every year. We have a huge community of past and present families, foundations, businesses and individuals in the community who have been impacted by the work done here on a daily basis. More and more, companies are counting on their employees to guide their community giving programs, and so we ask for your help in increasing our income. Funds raised help us to reach more children each year, hire and retain exceptional employees, pay for our facilities and supplies, work with parents and family members, and increase offerings to students.

Thank you for your consideration and support! Learn more on these pages!

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