What dissolves faster? Mints or Candy Canes? Using seasonal cheers to teach science in a Pre-K classroom

December 12, 2017

When it comes to teaching science, here’s a sweet take on Predictions and Results, from Room 5.

Recently, the pre-K and nursery students in Room 5 did this Candy Science Project, reigning in some of the sweet seasonal treats that her kids and team members love – mints and candy canes! 

Pairing the two to compete for speed, the students engaged in prediction which treat would be the fastest to dissolve. 

Predictions and Results! One of the main skills needed for scientific exploration is predicting. Children learn when they think about what might happen, and they base their thinking on what they know or what they’ve experienced before. When the results of their experiment differ from their predictions they often learn even more than if they were correct! Children of preschool age are ripe for learning to predict and experiment, and Room 5’s teacher Mrs. Erin and her team make plentiful the number of opportunities to do so.

To make it even more fun, this science lesson involved the concepts of temperature. Two types of water stood by to do the dissolving: hot and cold.   

With this presented set of variables, what would your prediction be? 

Here’s what the kids learned:

Hot dissolves faster and the mints dissolve faster than candy canes!    

Science lessons are exciting and fun for children of all ages. Our teachers know just how to spark interests and create life-long lovers of learning.


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