Daycare - an afternoon (and morning) haven for parents

October 08, 2019

10.8.19 Making friends at Afternoon Daycare!

Kids who come to Crossroads learn skills that will help them throughout their lives. In fact, the skills we focus on are the very ones that each student needs to LIVE his or her life. Learning is highly individualized as much as is needed by the students here.

One of the most important parts of life, we believe, is our relationships with other people. Because of this, teachers and therapists spend quite a lot of time and attention on the development of social skills with the students in their classrooms and caseloads, all day long.

In Daycare, too, children are learning and developing relationships with others. They are making friends, perhaps friends who they’ll know for years to come. Whether being silly or playing with toys, having a snack or making a project, children love being part of Daycare at Crossroads.

Call the school at 518-280-0083 ext. 103 for more information about our Daycare and integrated preschool classrooms.


9.4.19 Welcome to the Fall Session!

The Afternoon Daycare group is having a wonderful afternoon on this first day back.

8.2.19  It’s well known that for many parents, work hours don’t coincide with school hours.

Having before and after care for little ones is important!
If  YOU have this problem, we just may have a solution for you. Read on.

The benefits of full day care, too, are great. Research points to the many ways that being part of a quality child-care setting helps children develop socially, behaviorally and academically. Social and economic factors present for families and communities, as well.

Here at Crossroads, all of our preschool classrooms are integrated with daycare children with general education needs and children with special learning needs. Throughout the day, preschool students work side by side, learning from each other and growing together.

While Crossroads is well-known as being an excellent provider for students with I.E.P.s (individualized education plans) from age 2-12, the school is also becoming increasingly popular as setting for children needing daycare. The daycare children come for the excellent educational programming that is presented across the board at Crossroads. The exceptional levels of attention, safety, enriched programming, and ABA structure are some of the reasons parents choose Crossroads for daycare. Another important reason is for their child to have the opportunity for integration with children with different learning needs; this draws parents who want their children growing and learning within a diverse and cooperative learning environment.

Recently, with the addition of Room 2 (read below) our before and after school daycare location has changed! Ms. Nikki has set up an exciting space in the area previously known as our cafeteria. Working with Ms. Nikki are Ms. Johenia, Ms. Jenna, and not pictured here, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Kimberly.

If you are interested in enrolling your child, please call the school at 518-280-0083 ext. 103.

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