Dare to be Different 2021 Gala

September 16, 2021


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8/30/21 You are cordially invited!

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8/20/21 Announcing our 2021 Gala Honorees:

♥ CAP COM Cares Foundation        ♥ CDPHP

Over our many years as a nonprofit organization, the support of our community has always been a critical component of our existence and growth. We are truly blessed by the wonderful businesses, organizations, foundations, families, and individuals who help us so generously.

Each year at our Gala, we choose someone to honor in gratitude for their help over the past year, which is always a meaningful and challenging review, as we truly appreciate the contribution of everyone in our Crossroads community.

This year, though, we have two honorees, and both were easy selections for their assistance not only to Crossroads but to others in our community. In fact, that is the nature of this award – “Connecting The Community Award”.

CDPHP has been in our corner since 2018 when they provided a grant to support our curriculum. Since then, they have annually supported Crossroads with grants, boosting our technology program and aiding our school year with COVID support. Through introductions from Victoria (CDPHP), we became partners with Special Olympics and CAP COM Cares Foundation. In December of 2020, CDPHP surprised us with a general support grant in the amount of $25,000 which has helped us with operations, program costs, and a special project that we’ll talk about in a minute.

CAP COM has been a special friend since 2019 when Paige Reukkert first came for a tour of the program and soon afterward advocated for our organization to her foundation to receive a grant we’d applied for. That grant helped with technology, which as you can imagine, has been a major need and concern for us at Crossroads. During COVID, we were included in CAP COM’s printed calendar, giving us visibility to all of their constituents, and CAP COM employees volunteered as virtual Secret Readers for our students. In Spring, 2021, we received an invitation to apply for a nonprofit organization “ugly” infrastructure grant, which we won in June, allowing us to take the opportunity to move forward with a project of creating separation walls to subdivide a larger space and provide more privacy and physical distance for students in our Clinic. Along with the funding involved, we were able to participate in a press conference and in a video; again the opportunity to share our mission was exceptional for us.

Back to the Christmas gift from CDPHP above, a portion of this money contributed to the Separation Walls project and enabled us to fully transform the space.

We are thrilled to honor both CDPHP and CAP COM Cares Foundation for being lead connectors in our community and for your compassion for our children and families.

8/6/21 updated deadline:

Oh no! Did you miss the Friday 8/6 deadline to get your sponsorship intentions to us in order to be listed on the invitations? NO WORRIES- you still have some time – we are pushing back the deadline to Friday, August 13th. Please let us know if you are going to be an #honorarymember or a #sponsor by then. Thanks!

Save the date! 10/23/21

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