Cucumber Salad, a Healthy Food Group Success!

November 16, 2017

At Crossroads, thanks to grant funding from The Schenectady Foundation, all of the classrooms have a healthy food activity each week. Often classrooms have more than one such activity during the week.

Healthy Food Program activities and lessons are aimed at exposing our students to new, healthy foods in an effort to get them to eat a bigger repertoire of healthy foods. It’s common for our students to reject good foods in preference of somewhat rigid and repetitive food preferences, and so this program proactively targets healthy eating in all of the rooms, helping children to build their repertoires early, and learn functional skills in the process.

Here, Rooms 7 and 8 teamed up to make a delicious salad of cucumber slices, mozzarella, and cherry tomatoes. Everyone tried at least a bite of something!

One little one even asked for more cucumber, a “mand” that was new for her.

Interested in some great recipes for kids? Check out our Healthy Food Board on Pinterest! Several of the pins are from our own classrooms!

Grant News! Thank you, MAXIMUS Foundation!On a Roll!