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December 06, 2022

12.6.2022 Holiday Spirit Week   

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Thank you to Ms. Kenzie for planning!

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4.4.2022 Spirit Weeks 2022

This year we’re extra spirited, celebrating for 2 weeks, thanks to the teachers in Room 7! We’ll try to get as many pictures as we can to share here!

Monday 4/4  ♦  Class Color Day  ♦  Class Color Day  ♦  Class Color Day  ♦  Class Color Day

Tuesday, 4/5 ⊗ Superhero Day ⊗ Superhero Day ⊗ Superhero Day ⊗ Superhero Day ⊗  

Wednesday, 4/6 Disney Day ♥   Disney Day ♥ Disney Day ♥  Disney Day ♥

Thursday, 4/7  ⇔  PJ Day  ⇔  PJ Day  ⇔  PJ Day   PJ Day    PJ Day 

Friday, 4/8 Crossroads Day  Crossroads Day ♥  Crossroads Day ♥  Crossroads Day ♥   

Monday 4/11  ♦ Magnificent Mind Monday  ♦ (Hats or Wild Hair)

Tuesday 4/12   * Neurodiversity Day * Neurodiversity* Neurodiversit* Neurodiversity Day

Wednesdsay 4/13 What’s Your Passion? What’s Your Passion? What’s Your Passion? What’s Your Passion? 

Thursday 4/14  .  Sensory Friendly .  Sensory Friendly .  Sensory Friendly .  Sensory Friendly 

Remember last year?

4.19.2021 SPIRIT WEEK

If pictures paint a thousand words, we have a whole book here. The kids are so excited to come in dressed up, and honestly, the team members are getting into it just as much. We’ll add pictures to the gallery all week long, so make sure to check back and enjoy.

4.15.2021 Crossroads has SPIRIT!

For a small school, we sure can be pretty loud! At least when it comes to expressing school spirit.

One thing we’ve done each year during Autism Month is to show that spirit. Next week we’ll again have our Spirit Week, thanks to the creative planning of the Room 3 team.

Spirit Week April 19th 2021 – April 23rd 2021

Days Theme
Monday April 19th 2021 Class Color Day – each classroom pick a color and let everyone guess what color your classroom picked
Tuesday April 20th 2021 Disney Day – Dress Up as your favorite Disney character
Wednesday April 21st 2021 Dress your best
Thursday April 22nd 2021 Sports Day/ Favorite Team
Friday April 23rd 2021 Crossroads Day – wear your Crossroads gear, or the color purple

You can also download and print out the schedule for your fridge, by clicking the link below!

Spirit Week April 19th 2021- April 23rd 2021


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