Crossroads SPIRIT!

June 29, 2020

6.29.2020 Crossroads Scavenger Hunt Bingo

June is almost over! Make sure to post your picture of your completed card with the tag #LookCrossroadsBingo by July 1st so we can recognize you!

6.18.2020 It’s Father’s Appreciation Week next week!

Father’s Day is a wonderful time to recognize all of our Dads for their dedication and love for their children. This year, we think our fathers deserve a whole week! Please join us by posting your pics each day on Facebook or Instagram using the tag #LookCrossroadsDads!

6.22.2020 The first winners of our Scavenger Hunt Bingo Game!

These brothers, one from Room 5, the other from Room 2, are the first to complete their full Bingo card! Congratulations and thanks for playing!

5.28.2020 For the month of June, we are hosting a Scavenger Hunt Bingo Game!

Many thanks to Mrs. Shavonne, Health Officer, and Mrs. Breanna, BCBA for helping to create a month’s worth of learning fun for our students!

Play with us! Make sure you share your rows completed tagging us #LookCrossroadsBingo!

Click to download and print>>>>>Scavenger Hunt Bingo


5.9.2020  Mother’s Day Week.

We think our MOMs deserve more than just one day, especially this year!

Please join in throughout the week to recognize and celebrate all that mothers do!

5.4.2020 This week is all about Appreciation!

We are celebrating STAFF APPRECIATION WEEK, and also Giving Tuesday Now, which is dedicated to a 24 hour #ThankFest!


Please use our social channels to comment and share your appreciation!

4.29.20 Dedicated to our Crossroads Superstars!

4.24.2020 #LookCrossroads!

We’d like to see the posts of our families next week, of the learning activities you are doing at home with the students. We started out this at home learning time by connecting this way, and want to again have the chance to see what everyone is doing, and to be able to come together in positive reinforcement for what you all are going through and how your efforts are helping.

4.17.20 #LookCrossroadsColors

As a way to share our passion and love for our autism community, please join us next week in #LookCrossroadsColors.

Friends, you all did a fantastic job of posting your pets during the past week. It was wonderful to connect through Facebook and Instagram and see each other‘s non-human family members. Looking ahead to next week let’s honor the colors of autism. Each day, we can all share pictures of the color of the day and how how that color is significant to autism awareness or to our personal connections to autism. Use #lookcrossroadsCOLORS so we can all see and connect, even while apart.

Colors Week printable


Well. Since we’re still “virtual,” we have been connecting with our community through social media and different themes that our students love.

For instance, after Spirit Week, we had Crossroads Superstars. Then (this week, in fact) we’ve been celebrating Autism Awareness Month and OT Week. We’re doing the popular #518RainbowHunt, and next up, it’s going to be PETS Week.

Each day next week, please post a picture to Facebook or Instagram (or both). You can be in it WITH your pet, OR simply show off your pet. Tell us your pet’s name, and use the tags #LookCrossroadsPets so everyone searching this tag will be able to see!

We continue to be proud and inspired by the way people are coming together to help Crossroads persevere through this increasingly difficult time for everyone.  You are all in our thoughts and we sincerely hope you are well and safe. This is another way for us to be connected and keep our spirits lifted, together.


With school closed for longer than anticipated, (currently until April 1st), teachers at Crossroads want to implement CROSSROADS SPIRIT WEEK to lift spirits. This is an idea that was shared by Ms. Victoria, Room 13’s Special Education teacher! What a great way to help us all pull together.


Please remember to share your pictures on Facebook and on Instagram. No need to try to post them to our page itself– all you need to remember is to use the hashtag #LookCrossroads. Pictures from this virtual Spirit Week, and of you and your child engaging in the learning activities our teachers and therapists have been providing will be wonderful to raise everyone’s SPIRITS!
Then, we all can look for that hashtag – #LookCrossroads – in our own search bars, and give positive reinforcement for what the students and parents are doing at home! We can also compliment Crossroads team members, but remember that the main point is to give some support to our families at home during this time.

Hear from Ms.Victoria:
Hi everyone! We don’t know about you, but we definitely miss being at school. While we can’t be together right now, we can still have fun! Let’s band together and support each other with a Crossroads Spirit Week! Staff, students and families are encouraged to join in the fun! Feel free to send in photos to your student’s teacher or to Facebook or Instagram with the tag #LookCrossroads. Let’s stick together and spread some positivity!


Virtual Spirit Week




Today, is Friday, 5/10/19, and it is Dress like your teacher, or a career you like, or in Crossroads garb here for Spirit Week!

(In case you didn’t know, our school colors are PURPLE &WHITE!)

What a great, fun week for everyone here! Thanks to Ms. Ashlie for organizing it!


Today, Thursday, 5/9/19, is Favorite Character Day here for Spirit Week! Have we got some characters for you! See if you can identify who is who!

Today, Wednesday, is Mix & Match Day here for Spirit Week! 5/8/19

Here are some ultra uncoordinated outfits to bring you a smile! It’s so much fun to see so many getting into the spirit!


  It’s Crazy Hair and Hats Day here for Spirit Week! 5/7/19

We’ve got the SPIRIT!

We have some super cute kids – and staff members – with super sweet hats and hairdos to fill your heart! Here are just a few!

Have more pictures you’d like to see posted? Please email them to


Spirit Week is coming! 5/3/19

Monday, May 6th– Friday, May 10th

Next week is Spirit Week at Crossroads. Staff and students will come to school dressed in theme each day.

Monday: Sports Day

Tuesday: Crazy Hair or Hat Day

Wednesday: Mix & Match Day

Thursday: Favorite Character Day

Friday: To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, dress like your teacher or your dream career or Crossroads Spirit!

Ice Cream Cups will be provided to all students on Friday! Please let your classroom teacher know of any dietary restrictions.

Thanks to Mrs. Ashlie for organizing!

Learning at Home SuccessGiving Tuesday Now (a call for help to mitigate Covid-19)