Crossroads and Honest Weight Food Co-op

April 17, 2019

4/17/19 Update:

Thank you to Honest Weight Food Co-Op and all of your shoppers who put their Enviro-tokens in our slot! We are so very thankful for your support! We’ve received a check today for over $400. which is very helpful.

Many thanks!

We’re so happy to share that our organization has been selected to participate in our Enviro Tokens program at Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany, NY.

If you’re not familiar with our Enviro Tokens program, it started in September of 2015 as a way to offer shoppers the option to donate a nickel to charity for every re-usable shopping bag they bring in turning a simple green living practice into a chance to give back – everybody wins! To date, they’ve donated more than $29,467 dollars to over 60 local non-profit organizations and have e-used more than 589,342 bags. It’s a quarterly program and each quarter they select 5 charitable organizations. Organizations are added to the list by way of self-selection, its volunteers and donors who are often members and shoppers of HWFC. A link to our website:

The quarter starts on January 1st and ends on April 31st.

As a recipient we are also offered the opportunity to table inside the store at any time during the quarter to promote our non-profit and all the wonderful programs we offer our community.  We will be there on Wednesday, 2/20/19 from 11-2. Please come and say “hello” if you can!

We are so thankful for this new partnership and the chance to raise funds and awareness!

Gala, 2019 – Many thanks to our generous sponsors and donors!Stewart’s Holiday Match program grant couldn’t be more appreciated!