REOPENING PLAN (and other COVID-19 Updates)

October 05, 2020

Click here for Crossroads Reopening Plan for NYS 2020

See full post of 7/31/2020 below.

10.5.2020 New guidelines for attendance.

As we enter October and have successfully reopened for three months, we are thankful to the entire Crossroads family for the patience and understanding you’ve shown as we’ve moved through these challenging times.

Last week, N.Y.S. Dept of Health issued new guidelines to be used in determining if students and staff can be at school. Please find the attached charts for decision-making. These were emailed to parents as well.

Mrs. Kelly, E.D. cautions, “Please note that symptoms should not be new or worsening. While we are thankful for this flexibility now, it is still imperative that symptoms continue to be monitored. We still do not want children or staff attending school if they are sick.”

Please understand that we have to maintain a safe environment and appreciate your support with this, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Student Return Chart          Student Attendance Chart

  8.13.2020 Parent Survey for fall session:

Hello parents! Please take a minute and return this quick, 1 question survey. We need your responses ASAP. Thank you!



After many weeks of careful planning, we’re proud to present our completed Reopening Plan here. Click below to download the document, which is being submitted today. Crossroads is thankful to the support of our entire community during this process.

Crossroads Reopening Plan for NYS 2020

Please scroll down to read other important news and updates related to Crossroads and how we are managing through COVID-19. 

  8.13.2020 Parent Survey for fall session:

Hello parents! Please take a minute and return this quick, 1 question survey. We need your responses ASAP. Thank you!


7.24.2020 Parent Meeting for Reopening Plan for Fall

Parents, you are being invited to participate in a Parent Meeting for Reopen Plan through Zoom. This invitation will come in your email through Procare from Mrs. Kelly, Executive Director, and is also included in this post, below.
There are two dates – you can choose either one to attend. You do not need to attend both. The agenda is to share what we envision for our fall opening and procedures for following safety and health guidelines and answer as many questions as we are able to at this time. Please attend!

First meeting:

Kelly Young is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.   Topic: Parent Meeting- Reopen Plan

Time: Jul 30, 2020 05:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 857 4639 9419     Passcode: Crossroads

Second meeting: Kelly Young is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Parent Meeting-Reopen Plan

Time: Jul 31, 2020 11:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 890 8547 1257     Passcode: Crossroads


7.13.2020 We are reopened!

We’d like to thank every staff member for their dedication, every parent for their hard work and love, every volunteer and board member for their endless encouragement, and every contributor to our mission for their wonderful support. These past months have been trying, for sure, but as promised, we’ve remained determined towards our mission and are proud to be welcoming students back to school.

See this blog post, Back to School!

Last Day of ESY/Summer Session!

6.25.2020 Today marks the final day of our 2019-20 school year for students.

As we congratulate our students, staff and parents for their hard work and achievements during this very unusual school year, we are also working hard to prepare for our reopening in July. Please hear from Mrs. Kelly in this update video.

6.12.2020 Summer Services

As you know, on June 5, 2020, Governor Cuomo announced that special education instruction and related services may be provided in person for the summer term (Executive Order 202.37). Barring any unforeseen obstacles, we are developing plans to be open to provide these special education services in person for preschool and school age  students with disabilities. There is much work to be done in the next month to prepare for a safe return for staff and students. Please be patient as we move forward in these preparations. If you have any questions about how our evolving decision impacts you or your child, please reach out to us.

6.5.2020 We are aware of the Governor’s Executive Order that was issued late this afternoon.

We are excited about this glimmer of hope, however caution our audience that we are not entirely sure if it applies to us, or how. We are in the process of seeking more clarification and will keep you updated here. We stress the caution aspect, as this E.O. might still exclude programs such as ours.

Fingers and toes crossed everyone.

6.3.2020 Letter of Request

We have written to Governor Cuomo respectfully asking him to reconsider his position on the reopening of summer program. Accompanying this letter, a large representation from the staff body signed a document in support.

When we think of FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education) the A part of the current situation of education for students with disabilities is questionable. Although we have remarkable parents and team members who are using every morsel of strength and creativity in their veins to make this work, regression is on everyone’s minds.

We welcome those who are effected by this issue to share your views with us. Please email or if you have ideas or resources that can help us move forward.  Here’s our letter.

            Letter to Governor Cuomo


Here’s our most recent status update with a video below from Kelly Young, Executive Director.

Last week, Governor Cuomo announced that remote learning and teaching would continue through the summer, prohibiting in-person education for summer programs.

Back in mid-March, when the school closures began, we were hopeful. We energetically put out resources and activities for parents and families to keep skills and routines in practice as best able. Our parents, all along have responded with appreciation and most have taken up the challenges laid upon them, as they always do.

As time has gone on, however, we have become less optimistic. Even as more and more efforts have been made to provide direct instruction, our students are experiencing hardships and regression that will take years to overcome. Some families and students are finding better results out than others with at-home learning, for sure. In fact, we hope you will read some of the positive outcomes and stories shared by parents in our blog post to honor their hard work. But we’d be hard pressed to find any that feel that virtual learning is in their best interest. And data, which is our pride and joy, allowing us to demonstrate the real gains students have made, has no real way of being consistent and accurate across all families. Many students are unable to benefit from virtual instruction including telehealth services, due to lack of prerequisite skills required. To boot, as a nonprofit we struggle to keep pace with technology improvements in a normal year, let alone with the compounded demands that we are facing now; many of our families are similarly not able to provide for the increased expectations of learning online that are assumed to be common for everyone else. 

Still, everyone has been coming together and working long and hard to minimize damage to progress made this year. And we will not stop. We’ll always do what is needed to help those we serve.

The bottom line is that our students need to come back to school. A continued remote learning summer would be unconscionable. That’s why we are writing to Governor Cuomo to request that he reconsider and allow students to return to program for the summer, even with some adjustments made to the program. As a supportive follower, we ask for your support in this stance, and that if you would like to share ideas or thoughts that you contact us.

Our planning continues for students and staff to come back together in person safely.  We will get through this and be stronger, wiser and more effective than ever when this is all behind us.

Please watch this important video message!

5.21.2020 School Closure through Summer Program

It is with great sadness that we share with you, our readers, that today we learned that we will not be able to open the school to our students for summer program.

We’ll continue to provide instruction and programming remotely.

The kindness and understanding our community has been showing during this roller-coaster time has been quite wonderful. The compassion and caring of someone reaching out to help our school or members of it have been uplifting and inspiring. Donations, grants, phone calls and notes have often made the difference in a day between discouragement and hope. Team members being connected and unified has always been a strength of Crossroads, and one that has grown even stronger during this time of challenge.

Kelly Young, Executive Director says, “We are heartbroken to share that Governor Cuomo announced today that there can not be in-person summer school. We must continue through distance learning. A decision has not yet been made about fall. I miss you all and am sad for our staff, families, and students.  But the Crossroads Community is strong. We will continue to rely on and support each other.”

Please especially continue to keep the students and their families of Crossroads in your thoughts and prayers, as this is more difficult for most than many might realize. While all of us are in this together, everyone’s situation is somewhat unique, and many of our parents are truly struggling and overwhelmed.

Please reach out with questions. Thank you for being part of this cause. And hang on. We look forward to the day we can open the doors and welcome our students back to their classrooms.


Now that the closure of the building is extended through the end of the school year, we are in a new phase here at Crossroads. Everyone here is putting everything they’ve got into making this work as best as it possibly can for our students and families. Virtual learning, for many reasons, is not in the best interest of the students we work with, yet our teachers, teaching assistants, therapists and parents are working their bottoms off and coming together to minimize damage to the progress made this year. Some are making out better than others with the at-home learning, for sure.

Those of you who are reading right now are wonderful. For your support, for your well-wishes, for your donations, for your carrying our mission in your hearts and in your words. We are getting through this on the wings of many angels.

Now we move into a new phase of planning for coming back, and safely. There’s a lot we need to create a game plan for, and many pieces to put into the puzzle, but we’ll get there. We are so very hopeful for summer program. We are also trying to find a way to make our seemingly unique perspective known to the Governor.

In the mean time, here is an in-person video update from Mrs. Kelly Young, Crossroads Center for Children’s Executive Director.

5.1.2020 School Closure for the rest of the academic year.

It is with sad disappointment that we share this update. Today Governor Cuomo ordered that all schools remain closed for the rest of the academic school year. He will make a decision about summer school by the end of this month.  At Crossroads we are extremely sad about this news and miss the students immensely. This is so hard for everyone and we recognize that there are many losses and setbacks. We are, however, committed to our promise to prepare our students for life success as best we can,. We will continue to work hard to provide the specialized instruction that they need remotely, and to keep you, our reader, informed to our best ability.

Please reach out with any questions.

4.30.2020 Crossroads Superstar Movie 2

We miss the kids and parents. We miss the bus drivers and volunteers. We miss the voices and the hustle of the day at school. And we miss working side by side. While we have to be apart, we are still connected. We’ve made a second movie to help our students know we all are working hard and appreciate all they are doing at home.

4.16.2020 Crossroads will now be closed until 5/15.

The mandatory school closures were extended today by Governor Cuomo. As of today, we will be closed until 5/15.  We will continue to provide services remotely. 

4.16.2020  Update from our Executive Director

Dear friends,

So much has transpired at Crossroads in the whirlwind of the pandemic. As a Crossroads supporter, it’s important that you hear how we are managing with the changes that have rocked our world lately.

While people all over the world have had to make major changes, it is my hope that you and those you care about are healthy and safe. Please reach out if we can help YOU in any way.

I am filled with deep gratitude for every single person who has asked how to help, and for those who have given help during this time. There are sayings that times of trouble bring out the best and the worst in people, and we are blessed to have seen the very, very best coming out every day. Thank you for your wonderful support, both in the past and now. Please keep your support, help and prayers coming. 

What is happening for us:

It’s just a month since we were mandated to close, and in that time our entire service delivery has changed drastically. While school is closed, we’re working harder than ever to fulfill our promise to prepare children with and without developmental disabilities for life success. We’ve had to find, learn and implement entirely different methods to do this, but this week for the first time, I can honestly say we are starting to find a semblance of routine and structure, as an organization. You can be extremely proud, as I am, of the depth of compassion, perseverance, resilience and ingenuity of the employees of Crossroads. Indeed, our entire community – families, trustees, friends, grantors, business supporters and team members – have been coming together in ways like never before.

As for expenses, they continue, untouched by the virus. By now the CARES act is helping in many cases, and we’ve started to receive tuition payments from some of the districts we support. Sadly, we have had a small handful of furloughs. We have also lost substitutes and other perdiem staff. I am hopeful that these individuals will be back with us very soon. Thankfully, we have received wonderful support from people like you who care deeply about our program. Several responded right away to our initial cries for help, others have strongly supported our tee-shirt fundraiser, and this has helped greatly to uphold our abilities in a time when cash-flow was nil and the unknown was great. 

What is happening for the students:

Last week, Governor Cuomo mandated that all NYS schools will remain closed through April 28th, with a new reopen date scheduled for the 29th. Today that date changed to May 15th. The recent situation has our students learning at home, parents taking the reins as therapists and teachers. In practice, this would be challenging for any parent, when we recognize that most do not have backgrounds or training as educators. For parents of children with special needs, though, attempting to implement the structures and processes of schooling at home, the word “challenging” is a vast under-statement.

Our student body consists largely of children with extraordinarily significant learning needs. Our organization, our entire reason for being, is to meet the needs that are unable to be met in home districts or in any other setting. A break over Christmas causes regression. An entire summer off would be disastrous. Breaks are needed, but are carefully planned for, with programs and communication in place to uphold skills. We worry that this unplanned extended COVID-19 break will be devastating to the progress they’ve worked so hard on all year, and the team at Crossroads is doing everything in our abilities to deliver instruction remotely.

This means that teachers, therapists and teaching assistants are not only creating highly individualized lessons and activities for each student, as they usually do, but also now teaching through platforms such as Zoom, ClassDojo, Skype, and others, to meet the resources of families, provide “group” instruction from a distance, and interact with parents and children on a one-to-one basis. Daily. One teacher recently said she is now working from 6 am to 10 pm to get everything done in a day. 

What is happening with the employees:

We have been communicating daily and more. At first, employees were encouraged to work from home as able, and access the building only when necessary. This has changed more recently, and now the urgency to stay at home is stronger. Several administrators, myself included, are at the building on a regular basis but practice safety vigilantly. There is so much more to do for everyone. 

You might know that many of our employees are parents themselves, putting them in the same situation of others who are working from home. The challenges of teaching and caring for your own children and family while teaching the children you work with are not lost on anyone here. Many of us are caring for elderly parents and in-laws, bringing them what they need and trying to ensure that THEY stay at home. Many are worried about adult children in other states, relatives who are front-line nurses or first-responders. One is desperate to see a spouse whose job has prohibited its employees from leaving until the shut-down ends. Several are alarmed when they talk to their loved one who is isolated in a nursing home, unable to leave the room, losing both memory and a sense of orientation day after day.

Every day there is someone here in distress, who feels they can’t manage one more day living like this. And yet, every day these people get up, shower, dress for work, and get back on the horse, because they care deeply about the children and families they serve. They reach out to someone else who is is where they were yesterday, and offer to help. They thank each-other for their hard work. They encourage each-other to be resilient, to do the best they can, to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit, and  to laugh a bit too.

From the bottom of my heart.

Thank you. I can’t express enough how very grateful I am for your support through this time, and always. Again, please reach out if there’s anything you need, and just to let me know how you are fairing in this strange new world.   

Together in spirit,


4.6.2020 Crossroads will now be closed until 4/28.

Governor Cuomo has extended the mandatory school closures another 2 weeks. As of today, we will be closed through 4/28, opening again on 4/29. This new date, as we’ve come to know, is subject to change based upon how the COVID-19 virus is responding to national and statewide efforts. 
As well, we are shifting our service delivery to a longer term education plan which will go further to address IEPs as students learn at home. 


On this day when we were supposed to resume school, but can’t, we have a video to share with our students and families. Not every team member is in it, but many are, and if they are missing for now, they send their love and encouragement nonetheless.



Focusing on what we can control can help us through tough times such as these.

A little reminder found online and shared by Mrs. Kelly, our Executive Director.

3.27.2020  Crossroads will be closed for 2 more weeks.

Governor Cuomo announce today that schools in New York State must remain closed for at least another 2 weeks. At this time, our scheduled date of return is 4/20. Please remember that this date is subject to change if the Governor extends that timeline.

We all miss the students, families and coworkers of Crossroads. We will do all we can to provide resources that will help our families through this quarantine time. 

Please continue to find new activities for learning at home by visiting the Parent Resources page and the many blog spots on this website.

Please keep sharing pictures using the tag #LookCrossroads. (See below for more information.)

3.22.2020 #LookCrossroads

While we are closed, teachers and therapists are closely working with families to get needed resources for at home learning, into their homes via email, mail, and other online modalities.  In addition, please look to this website for resources. Our therapists and teachers are not only creating their own resources, but also scouring the internet and their own bookshelves for materials, activities and ideas that will help the families we serve get through this difficult time. As these are shared to this channel, each will be posted in 2 places – first, on a blog spot where the post content is aligned with the resource being shared, and second on the Parent Resources Page, in one list, adding each to the top of the list as they are shared by the teacher or therapist.

We are asking parents and team members and other friends of our community to join in the #LookCrossroads movement! By tagging your posts on Facebook and Instagram with #LookCrossroads, you do not need to try to send them to us or share them to our page, where we will have to add steps to share them! All you have to do is remember to put that tag in the part of the post that you write when you post your pictures. This way, all of us can look in our search bars for that tag – just type it into the search bars of your own Instagram or Facebook pages – and when your results come up, add your reactions and give a comment to encourage each other.

Thank you for helping our community to stay, as Mrs. Kelly our Executive Director, worded it, “socially distanced but spiritually connected.”

3.19.2020 School will be closed until 4/1 due to COVID-19.

After much consultation with several stakeholders, Crossroads will now be closed until 4/1, per Governor Cuomo’s order.

We have many districts and many ages at Crossroads Center for Children, and there have been many aspects that had to be clarified before making this determination. We will continue to offer resources for at-home work with our students and ask that everyone be patient and kind and watch out for each other as much as possible.


Today a decision has been made for the upcoming week that Crossroads Center for Children will be closed for the week of 3.16 – 3.20.2020. Please understand that this decision was not made lightly but being especially cautious for our students, staff, families and community at large.

Staff members should report at 8:30 am Monday, 3.16 for a meeting. Please stay home if you are sick.


Regarding COVID-19, as most are aware, most schools and organizations are cancelling large events and trying to limit everyone’s potential exposure to the virus. We are committed to keeping our students safe and in school.  This means making some difficult decisions about visitors, volunteers, and other people coming into our building.

With this in mind, for the time being, Crossroads will be cancelling all parent trainings, visitors/tours, volunteers, and trainings until further notice. Teachers will be in touch with parents to try and schedule parent trainings via phone, skype, or web-meeting.  Parents will be contacted for any changes as well.

Thank you for respecting these decisions in support of our children.

Building successful lives, one play activity at a timeGala Gratitude! Crossroads Gala 2020.