Consultation Services

  • Consultation Services

    fk1The staff at Crossroads Center for Children is excited about ABA and eager to share what they know. There are many ways to accomplish this from providing general trainings to an entire organization, to individual assessment of a student’s behavior. Crossroads Center for Children collaborates with organizations to inform their staff about principles and processes of ABA, to teach them how to implement specific techniques, or to work together as a team to assess problem behaviors in students and generate behavior intervention plans. Crossroads Center for Children can be utilized as an outside resource to observe classrooms and make general recommendations that would benefit the entire class or individual students.

    The same is true for the home environment. Crossroads is available to work with families who may be experiencing difficulty at home. Together, a plan of action will be created that is sensitive to the values and resources of the family.

    Often, the needs of the organization or family seeking consultation are unique. As such, Crossroads is flexible and creative in meeting the needs of the client. Rates available upon request.