Concerts and sing-alongs help our students develop skills!

December 21, 2022

12.21.22  A Holiday Music Assembly!

This afternoon, we were treated to piano playing by Richard Sleeper! He played a long list of songs, and everyone sang, jingled, and danced along. Many thanks to this kind man for sharing his time and talent with us again this year – scroll down to see last year’s sing-along. We are also grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Sleeper for the keyboard which they donated to Crossroads several years ago for times such as this one!

Bringing all the school together for an assembly-style activity is also a prized enterprise at our school. Classrooms frequently pair up for activities, yet center-wide events are dependent upon volunteers and/or staff member organization. When special functions occur, they serve as excellent opportunities for students to access new forms of culture, gain exposure to their own preferences and interests, and learn the particulars of group and audience behavior.

Thanks also to all the classrooms for their enthusiastic participation, and to Shavonne and Vicki for leading the singing!

Check out all of the fun we had!

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