Communication matters!

October 08, 2018

Learning to communicate our thoughts, feelings, wants and needs is pretty important in life!

Whether a student is learning to use pictures, sounds, words or icons on a communication device, getting better at expressing what he or she has in mind is a major foundation for learning other skills and behaviors, and finding success.
Many of our students come to us with limited verbal skills, while others have words but may need help with learning which words mean which objects, places and people, for instance. Speech and Language therapists use their expertise to teach everything from sounds and words to phrases and sentences.
The Speech therapists at Crossroads,  Ms. Kelly, Ms. Melanie and Ms. Amy, are truly amazing and extremely on the go, from student to student throughout their week.

Their students make fantastic gains, and are happy working in sessions, enjoying the activities as well as the therapists.
These are some moments captured recently in speech sessions for a sneak peak!


Our employees are the best in the field. We have openings, so if you want to make a real difference in the lives of children and families, please send your resume in today.

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