Classroom 11

5-9 Year Olds
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  • Classroom 11

    Classroom 11

    We think we are the best room in the school!

    In keeping with the Crossroads’ mission statement, “To prepare individuals with and without developmental disabilities for life success within their family and community,” Room 11 is a school-aged classroom in which all types of skills are addressed, to help our students truly achieve success. This means that while we are targeting academic skills suited to each students’ individual levels and abilities, we are additionally working on social and communication skills, attending skills, life skills and more, in order for each of our children to live the most functional and independent life possible. We believe in the principles of ABA; they work, and we’ve seen amazing progress where others before had given up hope.

    In addition to individualized teacher-made materials to reflect the precise needs of each students, we utilize 3 curriculums throughout our day and week. Handwriting Without Tears is used to teach 3 domains: math and numbers, literacy, and readiness and writing. Touch Math is used to teach higher mathematics skills. Together Counts is used to teach healthy eating and exercise principles. Many of the students, in this classroom, take the alternate assessment

    Room 11 is a happy and busy classroom. Our staff is hard-working and enthusiastic, and we all truly love our students. 

    Age Group:         7-10 Year Olds

    Class Size:            8:1:3



    • Age Group:
      7-10 Year Olds

    • Class Size:
    • Health Care

      There is a Health Care Office that provides daily health checks of students. Office staff has been approved to administer medication.

    • Curriculum

      Thanks to grants, each classroom uses Handwriting Without Tears and TouchMath curriculum.

    • School Calendar

      Crossroads establishes and follows a school calendar similar to public school systems.

    • Security

      Crossroads is a secure building with restricted access.

    • Technology

      Classrooms and therapists use computers and iPads in daily lessons.

    • Library Time

      Crossroads has our own library that classrooms can visit. In addition, we visit the neighboring Schenectady County branch.

  • Class Educators

    With education and experience in early childhood care
    • Samantha Flanders
      Special Education Teacher Room 11
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Sharice Lewis-Brown
      Teaching Assistant Room 11
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Rhiannon Johnson
      Teaching Assistant Room 11
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Darrius Williams
      Teaching Assistant Room 11
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Victor Villanueva
      Teaching Assistant Room 11
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
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    • He’s now in high school and doing well and all the parent training, support, and amazing staff are the reasons he’s where he is today.

      Sari Medick
    • Noah is nearly independent in dressing and toileting and so much more. Hope is priceless and what others took away from us in an already devastating situation, Crossroads Center for Children teachers and administrators gave back two-fold.

      The Thompson Family