Circle Time is a favorite time!

October 04, 2019

Circle Time, also known as Morning or Afternoon Circle, or Morning or Afternoon Meeting, is a time when the class comes together as a large group to review the calendar, discuss the day’s schedule, and address concepts and thoughts for the day.

Here at Crossroads, classrooms have a Circle Time in their daily schedules. A recent visit to Room 6 provides a chance to see their class in Morning Circle.

First, Ms. Jennifer transitions her class from the table where they’ve been having their snack, to the calendar area. To do so, she gives a group direction and then follows up with modeling so that everyone is in charge of bringing their chairs to the corner where their Circle Time will be held. As the children sit in chairs, ready to participate to the calendar, teaching assistants sit too, ready to assist students in participating at their best abilities.

Next, each child gets a chance to sit with Ms. Jennifer and be sung to by their classmates. The “Good Morning Song” is perky and fun, and the children enjoy singing, clapping and waving during the song. Once their song-turn is complete, each student next has the task to find his or her name in print on the “Bus” board and stick it to the “At School” board.

Circle Time is a favorite time in the classrooms because there are many  activities which are routine and which help children know what is coming next and what the expectations are. From saying the pledge of allegiance together to singing the days of the week, skills are practiced daily and become stronger over time.


What’s YOUR favorite circle activity? We’d love to hear! Please comment below!

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