Circle Time is a favorite time!

October 28, 2021

10.21.21 Practicing Important Skills in Circle

When it’s circle time, the whole class meets as a large group around the calendar. Practicing sitting in a group, waiting to be called upon, and giving others a turn are some of the school skills that are targeted during Circle Time. None of these is easy for a pre-kindergartener, yet look at how this class is already able to sit and attend to a teacher and take turns. One of the favored turns being taken is of choosing one’s classroom job and checking one’s own name into that job.  T and A are shown doing a great job making their selections; this routine will help to preset the students for later in the day when job time comes.

4.27.2021 Coming Together in Circle Time

With a great focus on individual goals here at Crossroads, so much of the work is done in small groups, even one-to-one sessions, and in a close proximity between the session leader and the child. All of these factors are important for the kids who are building their abilities to attend to a speaker, follow instructions, and engage in requested tasks. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also talk about the importance of group times, especially the larger groups such as Circle.

Circle Time is for the whole group, the larger class. Coming together, whether sitting on the rug or in chairs, children and staff gather together and attend to one leader. Everyone gets to participate, and supporting staff members prompt students to attend and engage at their best abilities. Oftentimes, Circle is where the teaching team can target skills like, “raising hand in response to a question posed by the teacher,” or “remaining seated in a group setting for ( time established in IEP ) minutes.”

Whatever the goals, this is also a time for the children in the class to be together, side by side, for singing, fingerplay, show and tell, calendar, and other exciting parts of the classroom curriculum. This togetherness allows for modeling and building important social skills as well as fostering the feelings of belonging to a group.

These recent pictures are from three different classrooms – Room 8Room 12, and Room 13 – all different, yet all working on similar types of skills. Circle time is a favorite time, and you’ll see why.

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Circle Time, Calendar, Morning Meeting and Goodbye Circle

11.6.2020 Morning Circle – a time to get the wiggles out!

We talk quite a bit about Circle Time presenting opportunities for learning the days of the week, months of the year, and other calendar skills. There’s also the literacy and math skills that come up as students and teachers meet together in this format. One aspect of Circle that often gets overlooked is an important one. The chance to get out wiggles collected in the morning commute to school is high upon the list of priorities of this time of day.

Here in a recent Morning Circle, Ms. Jacky leads a movement-oriented song on the classroom’s iPad. As you can see, students are engaged in the ups and downs of the music and its directions.

Off to the side we also see two of our BCBAs, Ms. Ashlie and Ms. Jenna, as they observe the group. Their work is so important as the team will be able to share observations to best help students learn.

Soon, Circle will be done, and students will move onto another activity. While opportunities to move around are always offered throughout the school day, learning to sit in a group is a brand new skill for most of our young learners and is well taught when movement is included. Great job, Room 7! We’re proud of you!

10.23.2020 Back Together for Circle Time

Being part of Circle Time is great fun for our learners. This is an important time of day when classes practice skills like the days of the week, months and seasons of the year, greetings and interactions, numbers and counting, and so many other things. Here, students in Room 8 enjoyed interacting, singing and clapping with a days of the week song on the classroom iPad. Savoring the joy of learning together, once again.

3.23.2020  Virtual Learning Circle Time

Now in week 2 of the COVID-19 school closure. Crossroads teachers and therapists are making and locating resources to help their learners who are at home with their parents. These resources can be found in several blog spots which are related in content, and also in one spot on our Parent Resources page.

Today, Mrs. Rebecca, Room 5’s Early Childhood Teacher, has created this Circle Time video for her class! Simply wonderful!

11.26.19 Goodbye Song

Room 3 has a happy routine to end their school day. Each day at Afternoon Circle, they sing the Goodbye Song. Our apologies for the sideways showing, but it’s too cute to pass up! Thanks to Room 3 for sharing with us!


10.4.19  Circle Time, also known as Morning or Afternoon Circle, or Morning or Afternoon Meeting, is a time when the class comes together as a large group to review the calendar, discuss the day’s schedule, and address concepts and thoughts for the day.

Here at Crossroads, classrooms have a Circle Time in their daily schedules. A recent visit to Room 6 provides a chance to see their class in Morning Circle.

First, Ms. Jennifer transitions her class from the table where they’ve been having their snack, to the calendar area. To do so, she gives a group direction and then follows up with modeling so that everyone is in charge of bringing their chairs to the corner where their Circle Time will be held. As the children sit in chairs, ready to participate to the calendar, teaching assistants sit too, ready to assist students in participating at their best abilities.

Next, each child gets a chance to sit with Ms. Jennifer and be sung to by their classmates. The “Good Morning Song” is perky and fun, and the children enjoy singing, clapping and waving during the song. Once their song-turn is complete, each student next has the task to find his or her name in print on the “Bus” board and stick it to the “At School” board.

Circle Time is a favorite time in the classrooms because there are many  activities which are routine and which help children know what is coming next and what the expectations are. From saying the pledge of allegiance together to singing the days of the week, skills are practiced daily and become stronger over time.


What’s YOUR favorite circle activity? We’d love to hear! Please comment below!

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