Circle Time, Calendar, Morning Meeting and Goodbye Circle

March 25, 2020


Circle Time is normally a time for the whole class to come together to practice calendar skills, establish the day’s expectations, and catch up with each other. Students sharpen their powers in literacy, numeration, relationships and so much more.

At this time, Ms. Rebecca, Room 5’s teacher has started sharing a Virtual Circle Time via You Tube, as well as a Story Time. Here is her channel, which readers and viewers can go directly to from this point on, in order to see her updates as she posts them.

Thank you, Rebecca! Your creativity is precious!

Ms. Becca’s Storytime & Preschool


As schools are closed everywhere due to precautions around COVID-19, our team members at Crossroads realize how challenging this time will be for our students and their families. We are posting resources on our PARENT RESOURCES page and also on various blog spots, such as this one.

Today’s resource was discovered by Ms. Morgan, one of our Occupational Therapists. It is a schedule that might be helpful for our parents as to how to plan out the day. It is posted here, where we normally share about the routines of morning and afternoon circle, because one of the aspects of the school day that helps our students is the structure of routines and schedules. Thanks, Morgan, for this cool resource.

2.27.2020 Starting the morning off with feeling!

Ms. Elise, our School Psychologist does plenty of cool activities here, but this one will bring a smile to the face of every reader out there.

As part of her work helping children develop vocabulary and concept around emotions, she brings some awesome props into the classrooms and implements lessons each week.

In Room 5 recently, she incorporated her group into the class’s morning circle. Students engaged with the puppets and practiced several social skills. Naming emotions depicted on picture cards was another fun activity, and students did a great job raising hands and taking their turns. The best of all was playing Feeling Charades – students acted out an emotion shown only to them by Elise. Then, their classmates guessed the feeling from their dramatization. It was fun to see them act out scared, angry, surprised, sad and happy! Students had fun, but also had to think and be reflective for this. Wonderful lesson, Ms. Elise!

The teachers in Room 5, Ms. Rebecca, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Kathy and Ms. Nicole engaged students throughout the group and helped them participate. Afterwards, they did a great job shaking out the wiggles and working on calendar skills for the day. Wonderful circle time for all!


3.21.2019 From practicing the pledge of allegiance to deciphering the daily weather, Circle Time is a favorite part of the day in the classrooms.

In some classrooms, “Morning Meeting” is a routine daily activity.  In other rooms, it is “Goodbye Circle.” Some rooms go by “Circle Time.”


Whatever they call it and whenever they do it, their students learn important skills in Circle Times.

Music and movements to learn about the weather.


Or about brushing our teeth.


Sitting with a group of students.



Waiting. Taking turns.


 Encouraging each other.



Attending to multiple directions and cues.

Learning to raise hands.  
Children at Crossroads Center for Children receive lots of positive reinforcement for their great efforts and performance of skills.


 Since so much learning and fun are happening during Calendar, Morning Meeting, Circle Time, Goodbye Circle…… kids often talk about this time of their school day.

We always love hearing from parents about what our students talk about from their school day once they are  home. Please share in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed reading about the Circle Time at Crossroads Center for Children!

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