Circle Time, Calendar, Morning Meeting and Goodbye Circle

February 05, 2018

From practicing the pledge of allegiance to deciphering the daily weather, Circle Time is a great time of day in the classrooms.

Room3          Room 6

Some rooms do Morning Meeting, some do Goodbye Circle… Whatever they call it and whenever they do it, their students learn important skills such as sitting with a group of students, waiting and taking turns, encouraging each other and attending to multiple directions and cues.

Room 8     Room 12 

Tons of positive reinforcement follows for the students’ great efforts and performance of skills.

Here in Room 3 where each has a chance to find their name in an array of all names in the class. Once they find their name, they get to erase it, which it turns out is a very big deal, and lots of fun.

Room 3 incorporates handwriting from the Learning Without Tears curriculum into their Morning Circle. This week they’ve been working on letter J, and each student had a chance to demonstrate their best J to the rest of their friends. Following this there are several J words identified by the group, and then a J video which engaged everyone in moving and singing.

Since so much learning and fun are happening during Calendar, Morning Meeting, Circle Time, Goodby Circle…… kids often talk about this time of their school day.

 Hope you enjoy learning more about the Circle Time at Crossroads Center for Children! Learn more about our classrooms or other similar activities here.

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Group activities in the classroom can help form skills for school, home and life.


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