Child ID program

July 27, 2021

7.27.21 National Night Out

There is another opportunity to have your child participate in the ID program upcoming, for anyone who may have missed ours. National Night Out is an annual event, this year being held on August 3rd from 5 pm until dusk. Find the Rotterdam Police Department’s tent set up and ready for kids.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their completed forms for their children, and to the team members who worked so hard and well to get their students to the library for their IDs. Most of all, thanks to Officers Sean and Andrew for being here with us and taking on this important project.

They would like you to feel comfortable reaching out to them if there are any errors on your child’s card. Just let us know and we will share a phone and email contact with you. Thank you!


Parents of Crossroads students, thanks to the Rotterdam Police Department, we will be participating in “Operation Safe Child,” a child ID program that involves photos and fingerprints so that children can have an ID card. There are many cases of children being located because of this program, and we encourage you to participate.
Date: 7/27/21
Times: Classes are signing up by time.
Forms will be sent home for you to fill out and send back to us if you are interested for your child. The @Rotterdam Police Department will be here on the 27th, and employees will take the children for their photos and fingerprints. The IDs will be sent home later on when done.
Please look for this paperwork to be coming home soon.
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