Cheese Snowmen, Banana Snowmen - Healthy Food Program Hits!

January 25, 2018

At Crossroads we’re quite into our Healthy Food Program.

  Getting kids to try new foods can sometimes be a challenge for families at home. Parents tell us this all the time. At Crossroads, we’re quite used to the “picky eater” syndrome; a large percentage of our population experiences difficulties with foods.

It’s the reason for our Healthy Food program at Crossroads. Through this program we repeatedly offer new, healthy food choices, work through challenging behaviors that children might exhibit in response to the presence of non-preferred foods and teach about nutrition and healthy food concepts. Essentially we get the students to try new things and expand their repertoire of healthy choices.

As you can imagine, this takes creativity on the part of the teachers. How to get a child to try broccoli when they balk at the sight of green foods? Or cheese when they don’t like anything white? Well, in this case, Ms. Melissa in Room 3 had her class make cheese snow men. It tied into her theme and incorporated some of the foods they’d previously worked with, such as grapes, pretzels and even some blue sparkly frosting to put a smile and a face on it.


Ms. Lindsay had the students in Room 4 make these adorable banana snowmen!  Strawberries, raisins, and pretzel sticks adorn these little cuties and make the kids want to try them!

Research shows a correlation between healthy eating and involvement in food preparation. In other words, it seems that kids who are involved in preparation of their food are more likely to eat it. By making their own snacks, students are more likely to actually eat them. Plus, by making foods together with their class, there are opportunities for kids to model the eating behaviors of kids who enjoy eating the food in question.

It looks like the kids all enjoyed their Healthy Food Program activities here!  


Crossroads remains thankful to The Schenectady Foundation for their generous help with this grant-funded program!


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Discrete trial training works by making the skill more manageable for the childWhat we mean when we say “life skills.”