Centers for interacting and learning

August 02, 2019

 Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.  – Benjamin Franklin

We agree with Ben Franklin’s wisdom!

There’s plenty of educational research to support this. 


 That’s why the lessons and activities at Crossroads are highly interactive and individualized for the students here.

  While there are lots of ways to involve children in their learning, teachers here frequently use Learning Centers. Centers are great arenas for providing interactive and hands-on learning opportunities for students. 

  Here’s how it works. Two or three centers are set up in the classroom, with different activities at each, and children rotate through them.

  The activities are supervised, however one of the main aims of center work is for students to grow in their ability to engage independently and to learn from each other as they participate in the center’s activity.

  The rotation and child-direction of centers makes this type of learning different from whole class or small instruction. The more children get used to centers, the better they become at transitioning, following directions for the various activities, and carrying out the routines in a self-directed fashion. There are many social skills that have an arena for growth in centers, too, such as modeling of appropriate use of tools and toys, sharing, turn-taking, requesting items, and having fun with peers. 

At Crossroads all of the learning opportunities are guided by applied behavior analysis (ABA).  Providing activities in centers gives teachers a chance to individualize instruction based upon different learning needs and interests, provide guidance as needed, collect necessary data on goals, and give reinforcement to children for their growing skills.  


These are some of the reasons teachers at Crossroads use centers. Now it’s your turn – what are some of your centers, and why do you like to use them?

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