Centered on Centers!

October 05, 2018

The use of Learning Centers in a classroom can give children new experiences and lead them to understand concepts in new ways.

As well, children learn and practice interactive skills in centers, as they model for and from each other and share items as well as ideas.

Here is a kinetic sand tray activity that Room 8 recently engaged in. They have foam fall leaves, spoons and the sand in the tray and are learning all sorts of science concepts, such as pushing and imprinting, units of measurement and mixing of ingredients.

In Room 5, a center for coloring fall apples aligns with this classroom’s theme at the time.

At another center, children are increasing their understanding of animals on the farm. As students come to this table they’re labeling the animals, making the animals’ sounds, and practicing “in,” “on,” “under,” “next to,” and other ways the animals can interact with each other, the barns and the tractors.

Centers can be wonderful for students of all abilities and ages.  Thanks to the classrooms sharing glimpses of their activities for all of us to see.


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