Building Skills for Success!

June 05, 2018

If you visit the classrooms, you’ll note that each has times allocated for play each day.

There are lots of benefits of play in general, as well as benefits of using toys and games in academic lessons.

What’s so important about social skills for children?

Learning to Play

Let’s talk specifically about BUILDING toys today. Here, students are involved in play centers in which they are building. Building towers, building cars, building bridges….

There are so many types of toys to build with, and here you’ll see students using blocks, legos, gears, and car blox.

Building helps develop cooperative play abilities, and spatial awareness. They are learning to problem solve, and attend. You’ll also see them learning math skills and science skills. Let’s not forget fine motor finesse, too!

Many times, teachers can put a set of building toys out and students will tinker with them and come up with their own structures.

Often, too, teachers will model building and have their students imitate their actions.


Sometimes a game is nice, where by participating in an academic lesson the students gain a piece and get to add it to whatever the group is building.

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