We're BACK! (Back to school!)

July 13, 2020
7.13.2020 It’s official! We’ve reopened!

After 4 months of remote teaching, today for the first time, all of our classrooms have reopened. On 6/29 some of our Clinic students returned, and on 7/6 Room 2, our Toddler Room reopened. Today, the remainder of classrooms reopened and we were overjoyed to welcome back our students.

Catch up with what’s happened here since March!

COVID-19 Update

Not all of our learners are here this summer. We aren’t able to have our general education children here, and as well, some students are continuing to receive remote services rather than return to the in-person setting, at their parents’ choice. We will miss all of our students not with us at this time. However, we are thrilled and proud to be saying hello in person again to the students and to each other.

Here are several photos taken this morning, on the first morning back!

8.28.2019 Back to school time is one of the most exciting times of the year for kids! Can you remember looking forward to seeing your teacher? Maybe meeting her or him for the first time? Meeting new friends? Finding out what you’d be doing in your classroom?

There is always some apprehension mixed in there too. We get it. But it’ll soon fade away as trust and rapport are built, as routines are established, and expectations are understood.

Part of that rapport is built by building trust-worthy, best practice systems and procedures, and setting up classroom environments that are child-friendly, safe, interesting and stimulating. All through the break, we’ve been getting ready for the school year by putting things in place to reflect just those characteristics that let students know their teachers can’t wait to have them in class, and all of us can’t wait to see them next week.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the ways students will be welcomed back to school on September 4th.

Several teachers have been repainting their classrooms over the break, some with the help of volunteers, friends and family members! All of the floors have been cleaned and waxed; everything looks shiny and new.  IEP’s (Individualized Education Plans), Lesson plans, classroom environments and so many other pieces are in the works for welcoming children back next week!

Thank you for improving our playground!2020 Dare To Be Different Sponsors | Honorary Committee | Donors