Art and imagination - a mask invention project

February 13, 2018

Room 12 recently had a blast with a MASK INVENTION project, an art project that involved a bit of engineering, slightly long-term  planning, and a large does of creativity.

This creative group activity allowed the students to imagine and design their own masks.

Mask-making is a fantastic way to engage older elementary students in a creative process. The art mask invention project allowed the class to plan and design individually on a common project.


Each student envisioned how his mask would look. This took a good dose of imagination! Next he determined the materials he would use and then setting about creating his vision. This part of the process engaged planning skills.

Of course the best part is trying them on once their art mask inventions were created!







Room 12 is comprised of a group of 10, 11 and 12 year old boys this year. Students in the school-aged classrooms join the school from all over the greater Capital Region.

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